Probst GRABO FXAH-120 DUO attachment - spec video & pricing

Probst FXAH 120 DUO in construction
We partnered with Probst Handling Equipment, Germany to make the attachment, “GRABO FXAH-120 DUO”. Probst has extensive experience in marketing handling equipment for the construction industry.
Probst GRABO FXAH-120 DUO attachment
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The Probst GRABO FXAH-120 DUO attachment handle is a metal attachment which easily and securely connects to the GRABO's 4 metal anchoring points. The attachment is ideal for laying tiles and flooring panels with precision. The DUO carrying handles makes it easier for two workers to work together in an upright position.

The GRABO version sold by Probst was named “GRABOFLIEGUAN-ACCU-HANDY FXAH-120-GREENLINE” or in short “GRABO Accu Handy FXAH-120”. The base of this model is the same model as the Nemo GRABO 2020 version. However, the FXAH-120 GRABO version has gone through further testing and certification to fit the requirements of Probst's customers around Europe.

The FXAH-120 fits both Probst's GRABO version, the GRABO FXAH-120, and any other Nemo GRABO, GRABO Pro, RTC GRABO, GRABO plus and other local variations of the GRABO.

  • Flooring with FXAH-120 DUO
  • GRABO FXAH-120 DUO lifting tiles


Type GRABO FXAH-120- DUO-Set Carry handle with adapter for two people.
Working Load kg (lbs) 120 Kg (265 lbs)
Attachment Weight kg (lbs) 10.1 Kg (22 lbs)

For more information about the GRABO FXAH-120- DUO-Set Carry handle attachment, please contact Probst directly via email or phone: +49 (0) 7144-3309-0

Please note that this 3rd party product is not covered under Nemo Power Tools's warranty plan. Please refer to the seller for specific information about their certifications, liability coverage, return policy and warranty.

Your GRABO however is always covered under the worldwide factory warranty plan, as long as it was not modified and carries a valid serial number. (Usually laser engraved on the unit).

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