Brace Seal

Introducing the BRACE SEAL for all GRABO POWER TOOLS. The brace seal is a new replacement seal for the GRABO specifically designed with thin materials in mind. This new low profile seal has a full silicon footprint that will be pressed firmly up against the material inside the vacuum chamber you're using the GRABO on, so that there is a "brace" that prevents your material from getting pulled or sucked into the GRABO too much from a strong vacuum suction, that might result in your material popping, bending, or breaking. In the past, we’ve learned that fragile glass specifically thinner than 6mm has a tendency to pop or break. 

Another practical application for the Brace Seal is that when using a Grabo on a flexible material, such as plastic wrapping, the wrap will get pulled into the vacuum pump too much and can be difficult to remove, the silicon brace prevents flexible material such as a plastic bag of concrete mix, or agricultural feed or soil being pulled into the vacuum. Using a Brace Seal with the Grabo Tool now gives you the ability to lift and move these bags around the shop, the job site, yard or farm. This seal is available now at a dealer near you!


MaterialLaminated SBR rubber foam sponge
L x W x H11.5 x 6.9 x 1.12” ( 293 x 175 x 28.5 mm)
Weight0.6 Lbs ( 0.23 kg )
Working temperature32~1400℃~60 ℃ 
Recommended Storage TemperatureRoom temperature
Applicable Surface TypePeak/valley heights less than 0.4” (10 mm)
FeaturesPatented technology design

Lifting Capacity:

Perpendicular Hold Parallel Hold
Glass 375Lbs ( 170 kg ) 265Lbs ( 120 kg )
Metal 308Lbs ( 140 kg ) 198Lbs ( 90 kg )
Wood 220Lbs ( 100 kg ) 143Lbs ( 65 kg )
Rough Slate 176Lbs ( 80 kg ) 176Lbs ( 80 kg )
Rough Concrete 176Lbs ( 80 kg ) 176Lbs ( 80 kg )

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