Meet the GRABO Glassworker, the glass installation robot

The Glassworker 250 is a landmark GRABO electric lifter tool, assisting in the pick-up and transport of heavy panes of glass. Specifically, this robot enables you to carefully lift and tilt up to 250kg of glass - fantastic for commercial or industrial use. The Glassworker 250 robot is handy in new build scenarios, as well as in refurbishment and emergency replacement. What is especially notable about this robot device is that it is remarkably flexible.

Specifically, Glassworker 250 arrives with 2-4 pump pistons and a glass head, allowing you to pivot and tilt glass. With many commercial and residential pane applications requiring maximum flexibility, this GRABO lifter is designed to support awkward spaces. With the assistance of this robot, it’s even possible for you to pivot through tight doorways without the risk of breakage easily. While glass is extremely useful, and while we all depend on it, it is immensely fragile!
  • GRABO glass installation robot
  • GRABO glassworker robot
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GRABO glass installation robot by Topspin

GRABO’s glass transporter robot helps to take the stress and strain out of moving and manipulating complex panes.
As glass is so sensitive, you need a professional helping hand to assure impeccable care from start to finish.

  • This GRABO Lifter helps to make lifting and installing glass swiftly, safe, and more affordable. 
  • Lifts at 250kg capacity - ideal for large, complex, or industrial grade jobs.
  • Only one person operation necessary - simple to use on your own.
  • Machine width is 68 cm (minimum) but may vary.
  • The Glass lifter mast can rotate 90 ° left and right, ideal for doorways.
  • Electric tipping technology allows for forward and backward dips.
  • Optional electric vertical adjustment is available.
  • Anti-slip handles and straps allow for secure handling and adjustment during use.
  • Side shifter technology available separately to enhance flexibility.
  • Fully tested and health and safety approved - always read the manual before use.
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