FORG3D SYS-FIT Systainer - The Ultimate Solution for Protecting Your Investment!

Carry and protect two Grabo or Grabo Pro lifters and spare batteries with the durable SYS-FIT Systainer3 M 237, designed with high-temperature thermoplastics and custom TPU saddles for quick and easy access.

FORG3D SYS-FIT Systainer - Unmatched Protection and Convenience for Your GRABO Tools!

Protect your investment with the newest addition to our SYS-FIT product line. The dual Grabo Fitout for the Tanos Systainer3 M 237 allows you to carry and protect two Grabo or Grabo Pro lifters along with two spare batteries. Manufactured with high temperature thermoplastics and utilizing magnets with custom TPU saddles, your Grabo units are protected to, from and at the job site while also allowing quick and effortless retrieval to get work done.

* Grabo & Systainer3 M 237 not included in purchase.

Don't have a Systainer3 M 237? See the variety of options at Systainer Store!

You can find assembly instructions HERE

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