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Become a part of the GRABO distribution network and take the local market by storm with this revolutionary technology.

GRABO is a patented new power tool with no alternative and no competition anywhere in the world today!

We are offering you a business partnership in an industry that continues to grow, and promises sustainability in the future. With our wide network of distributors, you can reflect our business philosophy of performance, local service and expertise.

At Nemo Power Tools, we are fully committed to meeting our customer’s expectations, and more. We realize the importance of the role played by our distributors across the world. This drives us to ensure our performance remains at a consistent 100%!

Enabling Sales

We work with our distributors by providing them with a complete promotional program. This includes:

  • Demo depicting GRABO’s functionalities
  • Trade missions
  • Joint sales meetings
  • Trade Marks
  • Deal registration
  • Promotional material

If possible, we can even send one of our representatives to your location to showcase GRABO and its numerous functionalities in person.

Benefit from Our Invaluable Marketing Experience

Nemo Power Tools offers our distributors crucial assistance in marketing your business. Our advice can help you build a strong distribution network locally. We can even help you strengthen your online presence, enhancing your visibility and improving your online reputation.

When you become a GRABO distributor, you become a part of our global participatory body. We promote healthy exchange of ideas across our distributor network. This facilitates every distributor as they share their marketing experience to boost local sales around the world.

Exceptional Profit Opportunity

Secure exclusive distribution rights for your locality as we offer high margin rates on sales. With GRABO being the only state-of-the-art product of its kind in the world, it has no competition.

With a successful marketing campaign and a strong local distribution channel, you enjoy an exceptional profit opportunity.

Support & Training

Our distributors get prompt access to the latest updates related to GRABO. We provide:

  • Logistics support
  • Legal advice and assistance
  • Marketing collateral
  • Product usability training
  • Technical specialist training
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Pre-sales & after-sales support

As every GRABO distributor knows, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our distributors, helping them in any way possible.

Stand in the Market with the Best Product

Our team is committed to partner with distributors who share the same level of dedication. Through innovation and continuous improvements, we offer the best-in-class power tool that your customers will love.

Our global network continues to grow, and you have the chance to become a part of this increasingly successful GRABO family.
We expect the same level of dedication and loyalty from you as you would expect from us.

A Few Words from Our Current Distributors

As GRABO continues to grab the market, we partner with local dealers worldwide to share our core values and commitment to quality products and services.
  • GRABO has changed, no, revolutionized the industry. Not only is it a great product, but it also keeps on selling out every time we restock! We are so happy to have partnered with Nemo Power Tools!
    RTC-tools (Russo)
  • Even during the pandemic, GRABO was our best selling product in 2020. The sell-through rate surprised us, and our clients love the product and its amazing functionalities!
    Topspin International
  • As one of the largest distributors of stone fabrication tools, equipment, and supplies in the U.S, GRABO has been one of our best sellers. The number of features it offers is unmatched, making it one of our catalog’s most versatile products! Suffice to say; we’re happy to be representatives of GRABO!
  • As a company that deals in handling equipment at construction sites, we knew this was a must-have product from the moment we saw it in action at the NWFA Coverings expo in 2019. What surprised us even more was the number of units that kept on selling! Our clients, and more importantly the handymen and on-site workers, love GRABO!
  • We are always on the lookout for emerging brands and innovative products. It was only natural that we got hold of GRABO and included it on our distribution list. We’re happy to say that GRABO has outsold every other product, every time! We are happy to have become the distributors for GRABO!
    Exordia Global Ltd

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