The GRABO portable battery-powered vacuum lifter by Nemo Power Tools lets you easily lift even the heaviest items — up to 375 pounds (ca. 170 kg) — safely and with ease. The innovative system effectively replaces the standard suction cup devices historically used to perform such jobs. The GRABO lifter is designed to work well on dry, porous, or rough materials.

GRABO Official Laboratory Testing to Ensure Safety

Trusted by leading industry professionals, the GRABO has undergone official laboratory testing at numerous independent facilities worldwide to ensure safety, mechanical stability, quality, and conformity.

Nemo Power Tools — Leaders in Transparency

At Nemo Power Tools, we believe in complete transparency. As a result, our tools are manufactured under stringent guidelines to guarantee the quality of our premium power tools.

GRABO Safety Certificates

Below you will find all the official safety certificates outlining the various quality testing performed on the GRABO, a world-leading lifting and moving tool brand. As the safety certificates show, you can operate the tool with peace of mind knowing it meets and exceeds test standards for safety and function.

Safety Specs and Lifting Capacity

Take the time to check out GRABO’s specifications and lifting capacity information that clearly shows the various holds and the weights of the various materials used during testing.

GRABO offers reliability and efficiency. It has been designed and built to last, even when used daily.

At Nemo Power Tools, we stand behind each of our products by providing an outstanding warranty program. In addition, we have an uncompromising focus on only quality manufacturing. Our GRABO products have undergone meticulous testing and quality control measures to guarantee performance and safety under all circumstances and at all levels.