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NEMO Power Tools' leading research and development team are passionate about finding new solutions to age-old problems. With our GRABO line of lifting tools and equipment, we are constantly helping contractors and home users take greater control of heavy-duty material.
GRABO suction lifter equipment is already designed to help users manage and maneuver even the most unwieldy glass, paving and more. However, we believe in continuing to develop our product line with future needs in mind. Yes - there will always be a need for glass and surface movement support - but what about power and efficiency?
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Our Ongoing Focuses

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GRABO tools are at the precipice of lifting technology innovation. We understand that modern problems require modern support and solutions! Therefore, our R&D team commits itself to designing and building lifting technology with emerging trends in mind.

For example, we are developing new GRABO technology using intelligent sensor innovations. The less work you have to undertake, the better. By incorporating intelligent sensors into our tools, you can calculate and prepare for lifting tasks with greater confidence.

In addition, we are working hard to develop tools to handle awkward materials and resources. Dry and porous surfaces are some of the trickiest and most aggravating to handle and move. Basic suction lifting simply isn't going to cut it.

Our R&D experts are constantly rethinking vacuum lifting equipment and suction in general. Suction at the base level is often flimsy when it comes to handling porosity. That's why we spend months, even years, closely innovating new ways to manage common 'nuisance' materials in DIY projects and more.

We Work Well With Others!

Another avenue GRABO products will travel down more and more is third-party support. We already offer our technology for use with third-party applications and robotics. Rather than focus on profit, we believe the future of efficient lifting and manoeuvrability relies on collaboration.

Our teams are well-versed in creating outstanding solutions for modern problems. However, with the input and creativity of others, we can broaden our scope. That's why NEMO Power Tools is committing to third-party adaptation and development on GRABO technology.

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This, too, will allow GRABO users to take advantage of broader innovations and more adaptive products. Our future products will allow for additional third-party attachments and technology so that you can reduce working and handling stress.

What's Coming Next?

Therefore, it's always a good idea to come back and see what's new from our team. We're passionate about always striving to do better - even when we're already exceeding expectations.

Ultimately, we want to make sure that you do more in less time! Therefore, we are constantly striving to find new ways to cut back on fatigue, stress and strain.

Here, we've shared a few new shots of our upcoming products and projects. For pros and DIY fanatics, there are lots to look forward to.

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