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Is GRABO a good fit for your store?

GRABO is a good fit for hardware stores with a customer base which includes professional contractors, handymen and DIY enthusiasts.
Stores that usually carry cordless power tools and serve a professional customer base, report high sell-through rates and positive customer feedback.
If your retail store offers hand tools and power tools such as: cordless drills, angle grinders and other products which are used by professionals or weekend makers and builders, GRABO will likely be a good fit for your store.

Industries and uses:

GRABO is incredibly popular and well accepted by professionals in various industries such as: Flooring & Tiles, Carpenters, Construction Contractors, Installers, Movers and more.
Unlike traditional “Vacuum cups”, GRABO can easily attach to surfaces such as drywall and wood, making construction jobs much easier for professionals.
With GRABO, users do not need to clean the surface or dry it before use. GRABO will attach itself firmly to dirty, wet and even rough surfaces.
The patented soft double seal technology allows the device to grab uneven patterned surfaces such as diamond patterned steel, decorated glass and doors.
Tasks which traditionally required two or more people, such as picking up a large bulky drywall, can now be done easily by one worker using GRABO.
No time is wasted on cleaning the surface from dust and dirt. A glass installer using GRABO simply holds the handle firmly against the surface and lifts it into place with no prep work whatsoever.

Benefits of stocking GRABO:

GRABO is a new patented product, manufactured by Nemo Power Tools Limited, a world leader in premium tools. At Nemo Power Tools, we believe that the success of our retailers is paramount to the future of our company. We focus on innovation, perfection in design, quality, manufacturing and advertising, so you can focus on sales and your customer shopping experience.
When surveyed, GRABO retailers reported some key points they liked about our offering:

  • High sell-through rates of GRABO and accessories (such as extra batteries and seals).
  • High profit margin
  • Low MOQ and quick fulfillment of reorders.
  • Our localized advertising drives traffic to their stores (more on this below).
  • As a completely new innovative tool, GRABO has no competitors or similar products on the market and therefore does not cannibalize sales of other products in the store.

Localized targeted advertising for your store:

We focus our marketing efforts on highly targeted ads on social media and professional channels.
Once a wholesale order is placed, we will add your store locations to our advertisement database.
From that point forward, the ads we serve to potential customers in a radius of 5 to 10 miles from your stores will show your store’s contact information and address.
The ads include videos, banners and other online content, which is targeted via linkedin, Facebook and google to be seen by specific people who are located within 5 to 10 miles of your store.
Our targeted advertising serves two very important goals:

  • Increase sales and reorder rates of GRABO kits.
  • Improving customers shopping experience by pointing them to a local hardware store where they can see, try and buy GRABO.

Examples of ads we run:

Wholesale orders of GRABO to retail hardware stores are shipped from our US warehouse within 10 days.
Your opening order will include a free demo kit and marketing material for your store staff.
To apply for wholesale orders, please complete the form below:

The world’s first portable electric vacuum grabber

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