GRABO – Learn How to Use the Efficient Probst Greenline

In this day and age, there are many ways to take the back-breaking out of your hard work. One of those ways is to use a Probst Greenline heavy lifting tool to do the hard work for you.


Imagine you are working in a construction yard and you need to move a large sheet of wood. Attaching a Probst Greenline GRABO means you don’t need to stretch to find the edges of the wood in order to lift it.

Or think about landscaping your garden: laying those perfect pavers, the pavers that are difficult to pick up. Using a Probst Greenline GRABO, you can swiftly and accurately get those pavers laid, making your garden look awesome.

Thinking bigger? A large and heavy marble countertop needs to be carried into the kitchen. Two Probst Greenline GRABOs used together can make this difficult job a piece of cake.

Probst Greenline GRABO in a toolbox.
A Probst Greenline carrying a Slab.

The Many Things the Flieguan Accu Handy FXAH 120 Works With

A Probst Greenline GRABO is versatile and has many amazing capabilities. The suggestions above are just a few of the jobs it has been known to safely accomplish. Consider some of the following industries that have been making the most of the Probst Greenline GRABO unit.

  • Contractors.

We’re talking construction, building, installing, fitting, landscaping. Everything from lifting a large piece of drywall to paving a garden with heavy slabs and paving stones. Because the Probst Greenline GRABO was designed with lifting absorbent materials in mind, the electric-powered vacuum can safely lift materials that are slightly porous. If the item is too porous for the GRABO to lift, it will not ‘grab’ it.

  • Glaziers.

If you work with glass, this unit can help you safely and efficiently carry large panes without leaving a mark on the pane. Useful for window fitters or even replacing a windshield on a car.

  • Movers.

Carrying heavy units of furniture or moving large and awkward metal appliances is not a problem for the Probst Greenline GRABO. Simply attach one to each side of the unit you wish to carry, and you save yourself having to find a place to hold onto.

The Probst Greenline carrying a windshield.

Construction, Landscaping, Moving, Fitting Windows: The Probst Greenline GRABO can safely manage a number of different project types.

Step by Step Instructions for the Probst Greenline

Using the Probst Greenline GRABO is easy. The following instructions work for all heavy lifting projects. Carrying an object at a parallel angle, the GRABO can lift up to 265lbs. And at a perpendicular angle, it can carry up to 375lbs. To safely lift an item with the Probst Greenline GRABO, simply:

  1. Firmly press the Probst Greenline GRABO against the item you wish to lift.
  2. Press the green button. This activates the vacuum and ensures the GRABO has a secure hold on your item.
    1. You can leave the vacuum on as you move your item for extra safety. Newer models of the Probst Greenline GRABO have an inbuilt sensor that will reactivate the vacuum if the pressure goes down, as can happen if your item is slightly porous, like a marble or granite paver.
  3. Move your item using the ergonomically designed GRABO handle.
  4. Place your item down and press the red button to release it.

Materials the Probst Greenline Can Lift.

The Probst Greenline GRABO is a highly versatile unit that can manage most non-porous materials and even some materials that are a little porous. The vacuum pump runs on a battery that can provide continuous power if the item you are lifting loses some pressure due to its porous nature. This powerful little unit only takes 2 hours to charge and can provide 1.5 hours of constant vacuum pressure. Of course, it will not need to be turned on constantly for the entire time you are working, so you can expect it to last much longer. Use the Probst Greenline to safely carry materials such as:

  • Glass.
  • Wood.
  • Metals.
  • Stone.
  • Concrete.
  • Drywall.
  • Laminated Cardboard.

As a professional or a hobbyist, if you are completing a renovation project which requires a lot of heavy lifting or even simply having to shift items that are large and awkward, the Probst Greenline GRABO can make your life easier.

A Probst Greenline GRABO is a simple tool with a great many uses, and an excellent addition to anyone’s toolbox.

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