GRABO product listing policy

In order to protect its authorized dealers & resellers from unfair competition and counterfeits, Nemo Power Tools Limited has strict policies regarding the sale and distribution of our products.

Nemo Power Tools reserves the right to revoke authorized dealer/reseller representation, stop supplying product and/or remove dealers/resellers from listings, if the dealer/reseller does not adhere to the rules and policies.

Our warranty is automatically void for the dealer when these rules are not adhered to.

GRABO® is a registered trademark of Nemo Power Tools Limited. Our trademarks along with approximately 60 patents are registered in multiple countries around the world.

Violation of our company policies will be considered a breach of terms of service. Furthermore, in most cases such acts are in violation of the shopping platform’s additional specific rules, regulations as well as trademark laws.

Please read carefully.

  1. Advertising & Listing:
    1. The brand name “GRABO” (all caps) must be used in the listing title when advertising the tool.
    2. Our products must be listed under the brand name “GRABO”
    3. You must adhere to the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) when advertising GRABO products and accessories publicly. The individual MAP prices are listed on the Products and Price sheet furnished to every dealer. You may not include coupons or discounts which result in a price lower than the stated MAP price

    4. When a picture or illustration is used to show the tool, make sure the illustration depicts the actual tool being sold, with the GRABO logo visible and unaltered. The pictures must show the specific kit being sold, including extra parts and components, batteries and packing.
    5. There are several GRABO kits with different GRABO model variations, packaged with different accessory combinations. In order to avoid misrepresentation or confusion to customers, please write clearly in the product description the entire package contents of the GRABO kit being sold: GRABO model variation, accessories (if any), including quantities (i.e., one battery or two etc.).  More specifically, the number of batteries supplied with the kit must be mentioned in the title of your listing, in addition to the product description.
  1. ASIN numbers on Amazon
    1. You may only list your GRABO product under GRABO ASIN number,
  • The following is a list of GRABO® kits and their official ASIN numbers:
    1. Nemo GRABO® 1 battery, fabric bag, 1 seal (NG-1B-FB-1S) ASIN B09JHDKY9N
    2. Nemo GRABO® 2 batteries, fabric bag, 2 seals (NG-2B-FB-2S) ASIN  B07MQPFWG7
    3. GRABO® Pro-lifter-20 1 battery, fabric bag, 1 seal (GP-1Li-FB-1S) ASIN B098LSPLHS

  1. When a GRABO® kit is shipped to a customer the kit MUST NOT be altered in any way. The dealer may not add / remove components to / from the kit. The dealer may not add additional items, including those produced by GRABO®, to the GRABO® kit. The original printed manual and all packaging from Nemo Power Tools must be provided to the customer with the tool. Stickers/labels originally affixed to the tool must not be removed/altered and/or covered; and the dealer may not add additional stickers/labels to the GRABO® product without prior approval by Nemo Power Tools LTD. 
  2. You may not sell GRABO® in any of the countries below unless you purchase the GRABO® product from a GRABO® authorized distributor for that country. Below is a list of the countries that have protected distributorships and dealers: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Botswana, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Eswatini (fmr. "Swaziland"), Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, Zambia, Zimbabwe.  * Please note that violation of any of the above policies will result in an automatic infringement complaint on the relevant platform by our legal department and the closing of your dealer account. Tools purchased from a non-authorized dealer or from a product listing which does not follow our policies will not be covered by any of our warranty policies.

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