The Erguo is our official extension attachment for GRABO tools to help reduce bending over to lift and move materials on the job site. We know how often installers need to bend down to grab a piece of material, so we created this simple extension arm that attaches onto the GRABO’s external anchor points to help reduce hard impact on installers backs.
The ergonomically designed attachment allows the user to operate the GRABO tool without bending over too often. First, activate the GRABO tools motor on function, then lift and position the material, and pull the lever to release the material. The Erguo S1 attachment is compatible with all models, except the Grabo H as that is designed for simpler and shorter duration usage.

  • Erguo GRABO Part and accessories
  • Erguo accessories with GRABO cup


L x W x H 24.5 x 8 x 4.5” (620 x 200 x 113 mm)
Weight 2 Lbs (~0.75 kg)
Material Aluminum alloy AL 6061
Color Black Anodize
Max. Lifting Weight 265 Lbs
Features Remote ON-OFF Lever

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