GRABO – Easy Paving with the Vacuum Paver Lifter

A Vacuum Paver Lifter exists to make those long paving jobs easier, fun, and safer. When you think of paving in a garden, what often comes to mind?

  • Sore fingers from trying to grip the edge of a sharp paver?
  • Frustrations from your attempts to line up the paver just right?
  • Aching joints from awkwardly carrying heavy pavers from one place to the next?

These are all situations that many a landscaper or garden hobbyist has had to deal with themselves. The use of a Vacuum Paver Lifter takes all these issues away and makes paving a garden as easy as counting 1, 2, 3.

How a Vacuum Paver Lifter Can Help You

Think about the changes a Vacuum Paver Lifter can bring to your paving project:

  1. Instead of having sore fingers at the end of the day from catching them on the sharp edges of paver after paver, you place the Vacuum Paver Lifter firmly against the paver, lift it by a comfortable handle, and move the paver. Your hands are comfortable throughout the paving journey.
  2. When a paver is flat against the floor or in a pile of pavers in a box, you don’t need to find a way to lever the edge up. A Vacuum Paver Lifter takes away the need to risk damaging the paver by using screwdrivers or other flat edges to lever the paver to an angle. By creating a new place to grab the paver from (the handle of your paver lifter), you can smoothly move your paver from Point A to B.
  3. Accurately placing a paver down can be a challenge. You are normally left with two options. Option A is to rest the edge of your paver down and try to make it fall into the correct position. Option B is to hold it directly above the place you want it to drop and either place it down and risk crushing your fingers or drop it from above and risk it breaking or falling into the wrong place. With a Vacuum Paver Lifter, you can place the Paver directly in the spot you need it with no trouble.

The Vacuum Paver Lifter can help you to place your paver accurately the first time.

Vacuum Paver Lifter on metal.
Vacuum Paver Lifter on metal.

Step by Step Instructions for the GRABO Vacuum Paver Lifter

The GRABO is a leading tool in the Vacuum Paver Lifting market. It is capable of lifting up to 375lbs of non-porous or slightly porous paver or slab so you can easily pave your garden. Using a GRABO Vacuum Paver Lifter is simple:

  1. Firmly press the GRABO against the paver.
  2. Press the green button. This activates the vacuum and ensures the GRABO has a secure hold on your item.
    • You can leave the vacuum on as you move your item for extra safety. Newer models of the GRABO have an inbuilt sensor that will reactivate the vacuum if the pressure goes down, as can happen if your item is slightly porous, like a marble or granite paver.
  3. Using the ergonomically-designed GRABO handle, move the paver.
    • For complete safety in handling, use two GRABOs if the paver is extra-large or weighing over the limit.
  4. Place your paver down and press the red button to release it.

If you are using a GRABO Vacuum Paver Lifter for your home project, you will have a tool that can do much more than pave your garden.

Other Uses of the GRABO Vacuum Paver Lifter

Much more than a Vacuum Paver Lifter, the GRABO unit is used in many different industries. Here are a few of the trades it has proved to be exceptionally useful for:

  • Glaziers and window fitters.
  • Car window replacement services.
  • Construction work.
  • House Movers.
  • Landscapers.
  • Installation Services.
  • Tiling.

With its ability to carry something as light and fragile as glass and its usefulness to carry kitchen appliances, the GRABO Vacuum Paver Lifter proves to be a highly versatile unit. Its simple ergonomic design makes it easy on the hands, easy to use, and easy to store. If you are passionate about home improvements or work in a trade that often lifts heavy or awkward items, the GRABO Vacuum Paver Lifter can assist you.

The Vacuum Paver Lifter in action.
The GRABO Vacuum Paver Lifter can help you lift a wide range of items, making it useful for many different types of trades and services.

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