Ensure a straight cut with GRABO and Betterly Guide Gripp.

Moving your material through your track saw just got easier. Get your hands on the ultimate cutting companion with a GRABO and the Betterly Tools' Guide Gripp!

Betterly Guide Gripp

GRABO has teamed up with Betterly Tools to give you a new way to securely guide your material through your track saw. There has never been a more mobile and protected way to cut and move your materials around the shop or job site until this simple and effective new GRABO attachment. The Guide Gripp accessory attaches directly on to the side of your GRABO tool with the included washers and nuts that lock this through the GRABOS external meal anchor points. The Guide Gripp comes with two main components, the guide body and the rail adapter for your track. This attachment is versatile and gives you many different options to cut your materials. Once the Guide Gripp and GRABO is on your track or rail, users can turn the GRABO on to suck down to the material, now the rail is now secure and users don’t need to worry about that rail moving at all so they can get a straight cut every time.

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