GRABO – More Than a Great Paver Vacuum Lifter

When dealing with pavers and slabs, nothing is more useful than a Paver Vacuum Lifter. Such an item means that you don’t need to figure ways of grabbing the edges of the slab, levering them off the ground to get a firm grip. A Paver Vacuum Lifter such as the GRABO means you need only press your unit against the slab, wait for a few seconds, and then easily lift.

Such a unit takes all the complications out of lifting and moving pavers, allowing for a more efficient and safer method of landscaping, decorating, and building. But, while the GRABO is the perfect unit to accomplish such a task, it is more than a great Paver Vacuum Lifter.

What Makes This Paver Vacuum Lifter Different?

Paver Vacuum Lifters most commonly work with suction cups and air pumps. The air pump will allow for air to escape the space between the suction cup and the object, creating a vacuum inside that space. When the vacuum pressure is high enough the unit can then lift the object. How much weight this system can take depends heavily on the strength of the seal that the unit holds.

The GRABO Paver Vacuum Lifter has two major differences from most Paver Vacuum Lifters:

  1. The Powerful Seal.

The GRABO Paver Vacuum Lifter has a unique and powerful seal to ensure a solid lift every single time.

  1. Electric Powered.

A lot of Paver Vacuum Lifters work on built-in air pups. The GRABO Paver Vacuum Lifter has a built-in battery that you can charge at an outlet. This battery powers a high-quality air pump to ensure a completely pressurized seal every time. The gauge that comes with the GRABO unit lets you know how efficient that seal is and if you need to turn the power on to keep the seal constant (applies to slightly porous objects).

A Paver Vacuum Lifter will make your job run a lot smoother and allow you to finish a lot quicker.

Paver Vacuum Lifter and its bag
Paver Vacuum Lifter and its bag

The Many Functions of this Paver Vacuum Lifter

As a Paver Vacuum Lifter, the GRABO is an excellent choice, but its uses do not stop there. The GRABO is the heavy-lifting-made-easy tool of choice for many industries. Here are some examples of where the GRABO unit has excelled:

  • Glaziers. It can smoothly move large panes of glass without leaving a mark on the panes.
  • Construction workers. Timber, drywall, bricks, stone, rocks, and doors are all easier to shift with a GRABO unit in hand.
  • Installation Contractors. When fitting a kitchen, the GRABO can help with tiling, moving appliances, fitting countertops, and more.
  • Movers. A GRABO on each side of a large unit (like a wardrobe) makes the moving process so much simpler.
  • Landscapers. As we have already seen, the GRABO is a great unit of choice as a Paver Vacuum Lifter. Using the GRABO to landscape your garden takes all the stress out of picking up and moving pavers.

Using Your Paver Vacuum Lifter at Home

Most of the above situations indicate businesses as the happy users of the GRABO Paver Vacuum Lifter. However, its simple lightweight design means it can hide in your toolbox or tool-shed until you need it. It is an easy to store unit that will not take up much space. When you next start your DIY project like building an extension, tiling your bathroom, or placing pavers in your garden, the unit will be ready for you.

It charges in less than 2 hours and will run constantly for at least 1.5 hours. A GRABO does not need to be running constantly: with non-porous items, the vacuum seal will stay once you have applied it. The versatility of the unit can make your home projects much more enjoyable as it takes the hard work out of the heavy lifting.

The GRABO was built to be more than a Paver Vacuum Lifter. It is a versatile unit that can help with many types of DIY projects.

Step by Step Instructions for the GRABO Paver Vacuum Lifter

Whatever project you are accomplishing with the GRABO Paver Vacuum Lifter, the process is the same.


  1. Firmly press the GRABO against the item that you wish to lift.
  2. Press the green button. This activates the vacuum and ensures the GRABO has a secure hold on your item.
  3. Using the ergonomically-designed GRABO handle, move the item.
    1. For complete safety in handling, use two GRABOs if the item is extra-large or weighs over the limit capacity.
  4. Place your item down and press the red button to release it.
Paver Vacuum Lifter and its bag

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