Foam-Rubber seal

With continuous usages the seals wear out. When the GRABO seal finally wears out, the lifting capacity diminishes. In this case you can replace the worn seal by hand within seconds.
You can use the spare one supplied with the kit. Alternatively you can buy as many from any of the distributors or retailers. This patented high friction foam-rubber seal fits all GRABO models.
  • Foam for Glass suction cup lifter
  • GRABO tile vacuum lifter foam
  • Vacuum plate lifter GRABO foam


Black foam seal
MaterialSBR rubber foam sponge
L x W x H11.5 x 6.9 x 0.7” (293 x 175 x 19 mm)
Density10.6 Lb/cft (170 kg/m^3)
Hardness, Shore C~10 +/-2
Tearing Pressure1800 Psi (126 kg/cm^2)
Compression to 25% size at8.5 Psi (6000 kg/m^2)
Water Absorption, %<=5
Shrinkage at 160F (70C) for 24 hrs, %<=20
Recommended Storage TemperatureRoom temperature
Red seal
MaterialSilicon Foam
Density40.5 Lb/cft (650 kg/m^3)
Hardness, Shore C55 +/-5
Water Absorption, %<=4
Recommended Storage TemperatureRoom temperature

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