We are obsessed with quality!

GRABO is a world-leading lifting and moving tools brand. We build high quality, premium power tools for the toughest markets. When physical labour just isn’t enough, you can count on GRABO for additional reliability and efficiency. For example, our leading glass lifter products are built to last and get the job done every time.
We stand behind our products with an excellent warranty program and uncompromising focus on quality manufacturing, testing and quality controls. As you can see from our video demos, we meticulously test each and every one of our products before sending them to market.

Testing video examples:
Production LIne
Quality control starts at the assembly-line! Every GRABO product follows a comprehensive design, fit and build process. Even before we start street testing our technology, it is ensured that our tools meet impeccable standards of manufacturing and finesse.
We are incredibly proud of our GRABO assembly-line engineers!
Street Test
How do GRABO tools work in real-world? Before shipping the tools to retail, we’ll ensure a rigorous ‘street test’ of our equipment. This gives us the confidence about the working efficiency of our products in the field, where it matters.
Here is an example of our intensive street test!
Max Load Test
How much weight can GRABO tools handle? Rather than making assumptions, we actually test our tools and equipment with intense loads. That means we can confidently put our customers on the safe limits to expect from their purchase.
GRABO tech is built to withstand incredible pressure. Just watch the proof!
Connectors Lifespan Test
GRABO tools and products are built to last a lifetime. But how long is that, exactly? One of the most important tests we engage in allows us to understand a product’s true lifespan.
Through thorough in-house testing (as shown in the video), we have an incredible understanding of GRABO’s longevity.
Box Shake Test
Worrying about whether your GRABO tool will survive the transit journey? It’s a legitimate concern. Therefore, we submit all tools and products to box shake tests.
As you can see from our video, this test proves if a product is fit to travel.
Dust Test
Can GRABO tools withstand high levels of dust and debris? We know the answer. As our tools are often used in dusty working environments, we make sure to ‘dust test’ every piece of equipment sent to retail.
Need some more information on how we test tools against dust? Watch the video!

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