GRABO Large Panel Rail - The Ultimate Solution for Lifting Large and Fragile Materials!

Safely lift heavy, fragile, and expensive materials with the modular attachment for GRABO tools.

Elevate Your Lifting Game with GRABO Large Panel Rail!

Lifting large is difficult, but it just got a lot easier. We invite you to use the GRABO Large Panel Rail to lift your large, fragile, heavy, and expensive materials. This new rail system is a modular attachment for four or more GRABO tools to help you and your team lift large materials such as granite, marble, quartz countertops or large format tiles etc. Don't risk pinching your fingers, sustaining a bodily injury or risk breaking your materials, do the job right and safely with the new Large Panel Rail for GRABO tools. Let the GRABO tools grip the materials securely so you can use the ergonomic handle bars to grip the rail system. Please note that this system is manufactured to be completely modular, meaning you can adjust larger or smaller to fit your material, or use a second kit to add on even more GRABO tools and extended the length of the rail system to your needs.

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