GRABO is seeking partner in United States

GRABO is a bestselling new power tool around the world.
Our partners have sold millions of dollars worth of tools in Europe, Canada, United States, Japan and other countries.

Are you going to be our new business partner and sell GRABO in United States?

GRABO is going viral around the world, with over $65,000,000 in global sales around the world in 2020. We’re always expanding to new countries and our success depends on finding the right business partners to import our tools and act as our official representatives.

We are currently looking for the right business partner in United States!

Nimo Rotem with GRABO lifter


    1. GRABO is already known & loved around the world

    GRABO is already a proven commercial success in multiple countries. It is a proven bestseller in the stone industry, construction world and power tools shops. Many of our global distribution partners in Europe, Japan, USA and other countries have sold container loads within short periods of time. Selling GRABO has proven to be a great financial opportunity for our distribution partners, who became the official representatives of this popular one of a kind product.

    After finding our partners in many other countries, we are now focusing on United States. If you believe this opportunity is right for you, we would like to speak with you!
    We hope to find our new exclusive partner in United States and sign a contract for the territory in the near future.

    2. Some incredible facts about GRABO

    Many stone industry professionals tell us that GRABO is the most useful tool in their truck. Around the world, GRABO is used by professionals in masonry, paving, tiles, countertops, drywalls, flooring and much more. It is the world’s first portable electric vacuum lifter, and is capable of lifting over 170Kg.

    The one of a kind technology and clever engineering, allows GRABO to attach to rough and porous surfaces such as patterned tiles, concrete, stone and even wet, dusty and muddy materials.

    GRABO models Dealer map

    3. 40 countries, 1400 stores, $65,000,000 revenue

    As of June 2021, GRABO is already sold by dealers and retailers in over 1400 locations in over 40 countries around the world.

    With no competition, positive market acceptance and local partners in even small countries reaching millions of dollars in GRABO sales - it is clear that GRABO is a real winner. Join us in bringing GRABO to your area and take part of this massive success:

    4. Our partners love GRABO (Examples)

    Don’t trust us! Speak with current GRABO partners around the world who joined us in bringing GRABO to their area and customers. We encourage you to do your own research and speak with our existing partners in multiple countries around the world to hear about their first hand experience:

    Country Exclusive distributor
    UK & Ireland
    Holland / Germany
    Baltic states


    Authorized Dealer Logo List

    5. Our customers love GRABO

    GRABO is received with enthusiasm by opinion leaders of the stone industry as well as DIY enthusiasts, workers, installers and professional builders.GRABO has a near perfect 5-Star rating on Amazon USand other verified review sites. We receive great feedback and maintain a track record of quality and customer satisfaction. Word of mouth about GRABO’s quality spreads fast and we will always keep customer satisfaction and product quality as our top priority.

    6. Speaking of quality

    We have offices in the USA, Hong Kong and Israel and run our own wholly-owned high tech production facility. We built our factory with thehighest manufacturing standards in mindWe are obsessed with quality and always aim for the highest level of innovative engineering, performance and post-production quality controls. Our full warranty plan covers any country around the world and we’re proud to stand behind our product.

    7. The word spreads fast

    Grabo is not only an exciting professional tool for the construction industry. It’s becoming a popular online sensation and getting positive attention wherever it lands. The brand GRABO has forever defined the category of portable powered suction cups, and all of this is only the beginning.

    8. What’s the catch?

    Unfortunately we’re only looking for one distributor / partner. This page is here in order to find our partner in United States.

    Once we find our partner & representative, our search in this area will be over, this page will be removed and we will focus on working with you on advertising, promoting and selling GRABO in your country together.

    If your read this far, you may have more questions such are “what are the minimum requirements”, “What are the wholesale prices and recommended retail prices” or “Do I qualify”.

    We are happy to be in contact by email or phone and answer any and all questions you may have. Simply leave your email / Phone number below, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to discuss this business opportunity in more detail.

    Let’s talk - Contact us today

    Nimo Rotem with GRABO lifter


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