How to Use GRABO

Even though the technology used to make the GRABO was extraordinarily innovative and complex, the GRABO is exceptionally straightforward and easy to use.

You can start using your GRABO within seconds of receiving it. It's usable straight from the box.

To actually use the GRABO, turn it on by pressing the green LED switch (which also doubles as a battery indicator), create a vacuum by pressing the green button, place it on the object you would like to move and leave it for a few seconds, then lift your GRABO to discover the awe-inspiring vacuum technology that Is lifting your object with ease.

Once you have moved the object in question, press the red button near the end of your GRABO to release it.

If you need to change batteries, we added a quick and easy slide button to do this, which makes this process take about 5 seconds. Simply use the slide button, replace your battery, and lock it in place.

It's mind-bogglingly easy to use the GRABO; we designed it with ease of use in mind. Everything you need to use the GRABO is clearly visible, and there are no hidden mechanisms.

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