How To Replace a Filter On Your GRABO

Replacing a filter on your GRABO is quick and easy, taking under a minute.

Other vacuum lifters often require a little more mechanical know-how and experience in order to change a filter, and it can often be a considerable annoyance to do, but not the GRABO.

The only things you need to replace a filter on your GRABO is a minute of your time and a flat head screwdriver.

All you need to do is remove your current filter by carefully prying it out using your screwdriver, and then slot the new filter into place. It's really that simple.

The GRABO has been designed to last a lifetime, so all the components that may need replacing have been made super simple for you to do.

No screws or bolts are required to secure a filter on a GRABO since each of the filter fittings are made with perfect precision and craftsmanship. Because of this, the filters are just snug enough to never come out unless you are trying to remove them. It's a perfect match of functionality and simplicity.

Replacing a filter on your GRABO is headache-free and straightforward. You'll never have to stress about figuring out how to replace a filter on a vacuum lifter again.

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