GRABO – The Ultimate Paver Lifter Professionals and Hobbyists Need

Lifting pavers can be a long and arduous process, especially if these heavy pavers are stacked against each other. In such cases, it always helps to have a tool that can assist in the lifting and moving of these heavy, and often fragile, pavers.

A Paver Lifter is the tool of choice in such cases, but some paver lifters are better than others. The GRABO Paver Lifter is the ultimate choice when it comes to any heavy lifting project for either professionals or hobbyists. Not only does it lift a variety of non-porous (and slightly porous) pavers, but it can lift a lot of other materials besides.

Types of Pavers the Paver Lifter Works With

The key to a good Paver Lifter is the number of types of pavers it can carry. Most Paver Lifters are good on non-porous pavers, but this GRABO Paver Lifter can also carry slightly porous materials due to its electric suction cup.

Limestone, flagstone, and sandstone are very porous. These types of pavers are unlikely to be lifted by any suction cup based paver lifter unless they have been sealed.

Granite, marble and concrete are porous. However, these types of pavers can certainly be moved safely with the GRABO Paver Lifter. How much they work with other suction-based lifters depends on whether they have been sealed, and how porous that type of stone is. For example, dark granite is less porous than regular granite and therefore easier for more Paver Lifters to lift successfully.

Plastic pavers, rubber pavers, and stone pavers that have been sealed are easy to lift using a variety of Paver Lifters. The GRABO Paver Lifter will have no trouble with these materials.

This Paver Lifter can lift almost anything up to 375lbs, making it a most useful tool!

Paver Lifter moving heavy furniture.

What is the GRABO Paver Lifter used for?

When you think of a Paver Lifter, one assumes that is all it can do. The difference with this Paver Lifter is its ability to lift a wide variety of materials.

As expected, it can lift stone, marble, granite, concrete, and brick pavers. However, it can also lift steel, wood, glass, drywall, plastic, and more. Essentially, the GRABO Paver Lifter is used to lift anything heavy or awkward that is not porous. It is a versatile tool that crosses trades to the point where it has been used by:

  • Movers. A GRABO on either side of a large piece of furniture (like a wardrobe) makes the moving process easier.
  • Landscapers. As seen, a GRABO Paver Lifter can easily lift pavers, making it perfect for swiftly and accurately laying pavers in a garden.
  • Glaziers & Window Fitters. This Paver Lifter can safely carry large pieces of glass without leaving a mark, making it the perfect tool for the job.
  • Construction Workers. A construction site is always busy, with large amounts of heavy products constantly on the move. A GRABO Paver Lifter can increase the safety of a site as it aids in the moving of many construction materials, including timber, drywall, doors, bricks, pavers, metal sheeting and more.

Step by Step Instructions for the GRABO Paver Lifter

While this guide is based on the idea of lifting a paver into position, the workings are the same for using this Paver Lifter in a variety of scenarios.


  1. Firmly press the GRABO against the paver.
  2. Press the green button. This activates the vacuum and ensures the GRABO has a secure hold on your item.
    • You can leave the vacuum on as you move your item for extra safety. Newer models of the GRABO have an inbuilt sensor that will reactivate the vacuum if the pressure goes down, as can happen if your item is slightly porous, like a marble or granite paver.
  3. Using the ergonomically-designed GRABO handle, move the paver.
    • For complete safety in handling, use two GRABOs if the paver is extra-large or weighing over the limit.
  4. Place your paver down and press the red button to release it.

When you have finished with your GRABO Paver Lifter, its compact size makes it easy to store away until your next home renovation or garden landscaping project.

The GRABO Paver Lifter makes heavy lifting projects safer and easier to complete.

Paver Lifter moving heavy furniture.

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