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There are a number of reasons why you might need a Paver Slab Lifter. In the commercial world, you may need assistance in cleaning up a construction site or in landscaping a garden. If you are into DIY projects, you may need a Paver Slab Lifter to help you pave your garden, build a wall around your pond, tidy up a store of pavers that have been living in your shed for a century, or even buying slabs and putting them in your car.

Lifting a paver slab can be difficult or awkward, requiring a more hands-on approach and slowing down a project. Therefore, having a tool to assist in the moving of a paver slab can make your projects more time and cost-efficient.

The Purpose of a Paver Slab Lifter

It is one thing to organize pavers or use them in your garden, but they are awkward and often sharp and easy to break. It is another thing completely to handle paver slabs. These things are heavy. Getting your fingers underneath a paver slab can hurt. This is why the world has got creative in dealing with paver slabs. They have found a multitude of ways to lift that slab off the ground and relocate it. Most of them are designed around gripping the sides of the slab so you can lift while others are designed as a suction cup.

The problem with these designs is that they are not always secure, they only exist for that one purpose, and the maximum weightlifting capacity varies widely from model to model.

A Paver Slab Lifter needs to be:

  • Ergonomically designed, so it is easy on your hands.
  • Safe to use, as you do not want it losing hold on that heavy slab mid transport.
  • Able to take the weight: paver slabs are quite heavy.
  • Easy to grip in a safe and functional manner, so you don’t spend an age getting your tool attached to your slab.

A Paver Slab Lifter needs to make your job easier, safer, and more efficient.

Paver Slab Lifter moving rock.
Underneath the Paver Slab Lifter.

Using the GRABO as a Paver Slab Lifter

The GRABO Paver Slab Lifter was designed to take the weight. It has been tried and tested carrying a multitude of heavy items across long and short distances.

The big difference between the GRABO Paver Slab Lifter and more traditional methods is the electric-powered vacuum suction cup. Running off a long-lasting battery, the GRABO Paver Slab Lifter creates a firm hold on any product and then keeps that hold. It is not going to lose grip over time. If the item you are lifting is slightly porous, the pressure gauge will let you know so that you can power up the vacuum again (Newer models do this automatically).

The patented seal of the GRABO is a one-of-a-kind design that you will not find on any other Paver Slab Lifters. This design ensures that once you have a paver slab on the end it will not fall off, making your paving slab project that much safer.

As a Paver Slab Lifter, the GRABO can help you to easily lift and move awkward or heavy slabs up to 375lbs in weight!

Step by Step Instructions for the GRABO Paver Slab Lifter

The GRABO Paver Slab Lifter comes with a simple and easy to understand appearance. With two buttons and a pressure gauge, it is easy for you to move the slabs you need to move swiftly and safely.


  1. Firmly press the GRABO against the slab that you wish to lift.
  2. Press the green button. This activates the vacuum and ensures the GRABO has a secure hold on your slab.
  3. Using the ergonomically-designed GRABO handle, move your slab.
  4. Place the slab down and press the red button to release it.

A Highly Versatile Paver Slab Lifter

Unlike regular Paver Slab Lifters that are designed to only assist in the lifting of pavers, the GRABO Paver Slab Lifter can do much, much, more.

As a vacuum-powered suction tool, this lifter can assist in moving any non-porous object up to 375lbs. That means you can use it on:

  • Wood
  • Drywall
  • Tiles
  • Pavers
  • Metal sheeting
  • Granite
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Glass
  • Doors
  • Countertops

The list goes on. The bottom line is, this tool can serve you beyond the shifting of paver slabs and into the realms of most DIY home projects, making it one of the more useful tools in your toolbox.

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