GRABO – Everything You Need to Know About This Electric Suction Cup

The GRABO Electric Suction Cup is the ideal tool for all your home renovation projects. This heavy-lifting-made-easy unit is designed to make lifting heavy or awkward items easier and safer for everyone. It is unmatched in its build quality, simplicity of design, and work efficiency for both professionals and hobbyists.

It may look small and simple, but that just means it is easy to store when not in use. The GRABO Electric Suction Cup can lift up to 375lbs, making it small but mighty.

How Does the GRABO Electric Suction Cup Work?

When using a standard suction cup, one presses the suction cup against an item, squeezing the air out of the inside. The cup then seals around the vacuum it has created, enabling it to stick to and pick up the object. Some stronger suction cups come with an air pump to manually pump out the air inside the seal, which enables the cup to retain a tighter hold on the item.

The downside to a standard suction cup is its ability to handle the weight. True, there are some suction cups that can help you to scale a wall, but when Adam and Jamie attempted to climb with suction cups, Adam realized that the feat was both easier and safer with an electric-powered vacuum pump.

The GRABO Electric Suction Cup is that electric vacuum-powered suction that a great suction cup needs. It works like a standard suction cup but with the added benefit of the built-in battery-powered vacuum creating that firm hold. Couple the vacuum with the strong and unique seal that the GRABO Electric Suction Cup comes with, and you have yourself a suction cup that can safely carry up to 375lbs.

The Electric Suction Cup keeps a constant, firm grip on your items as you move them.

GRABO Electric Suction Cup in a toolbox.

Step by Step Instructions for the GRABO Electric Suction Cup

Whether you are a professional using the Electric Suction Cup to build a house, or if you are a hobbyist using the Electric Suction Cup to landscape your garden, the instructions remain the same.


  1. Firmly press the GRABO against the item that you wish to lift.
  2. Press the green button. This activates the vacuum and ensures the GRABO has a secure hold on your item.
    • You can leave the vacuum on as you move your item for extra safety. Newer models of the GRABO have an inbuilt sensor that will reactivate the vacuum if the pressure goes down, as can happen if your item is slightly porous.
  3. Using the ergonomically-designed GRABO handle, move the item.
    • For complete safety in handling, use two GRABOs if the item is extra-large or weighing over the limit.
  4. Place your item down and press the red button to release it.

What Can the GRABO Electric Suction Cup Lift?

There is a wide range of items that the GRABO Electric Suction Cup can lift. Some of the more common items it has been tried and tested on include:

  • Glass. Making it a useful tool for window fitters and glaziers.
  • Drywall, bricks, concrete, timber. Many materials that you would find on a building site make the GRABO an essential tool for a smooth day of work.
  • Pavers. Landscaping your garden just got easier.
  • Tiles. Whether you are retiling your bathroom or your kitchen, you no longer have to struggle to get them out of the box or hold them in place.
  • Granite and marble. Popular materials for those large countertops you find in kitchens just got easier to carry.
  • Wood. Doors, carpentry projects, fence building, all are made simpler with the use of this Electric Suction Cup.
  • Metals. To move kitchen appliances with ease, have a GRABO on each side.

The GRABO Electric Suction Cup is used by Glaziers, Movers, Landscapers, Tilers, Construction Workers and people with a love of DIY home improvement projects.

Is There Anything the GRABO Electric Suction Cup Can’t Lift?

While the GRABO Electric Suction Cup can lift slightly porous items, its capability to hold on to an item decreases the more porous it is. Items that are porous have minute holes in them to allow for airflow or water drainage. Such items include, but are not limited to:

  • Cardboard (non-laminated).
  • Some untreated woods.
  • Some pavers that are designed for drainage.
  • Cork.

If an item is too porous for the GRABO Electric Suction Cup to handle, it will not be able to pick it up.

Electric Suction Cup carrying timber.

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