Our Global Network - Hong Kong

GRABO is growing at a rapid pace. To support this rapid growth, we have strategically dispersed a network of offices and manufacturing facilities in almost every continent. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong. The head office is supported by engineering, design and sales offices in Israel, USA and Australia. Besides this there is a dedicated manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China.

Head Office – Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the bustling global business hubs. With its strategic geographic location, the country has natural routes for both air and sea. People from all across the world, especially from the business sector, frequently travel to Hong Kong. With so much happening, we found it to be an ideal location for our headquarters.

The head office is responsible for international trade. Being a commercial hub, this is an ideal location for shipping and logistics handling. Being based in HK, the company has easy access to all markets across the world. Since Hong Kong attracts business from everywhere, it makes dealings and negotiations with prospective distributors and partners easier.

The office is led by Ms. Lisa Kirkpatrick, a thorough professional and the ideal person for the job.

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