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Two GRABO H cups lifting tiles
The GRABO H tool is for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts. It has a limited warranty but works as efficiently as the pro models.
(NOT available in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, UK and Europe)
  • GRABO H electric lifter
  • GRABO H cup side
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You do not need to worry about adding more bulk to your tool kit when you get the GRABO H. Keeping in line with the product, the GRABO H kit is compact and operation is made simple.  It includes a complete unit with a pre-installed seal. An 11.1 volts DC battery and a GRABO H charger is also supplied in the kit. 

All GRABO H accessories are available to purchase separately. Simply go to your nearest distributor or retailer, to get all the spares you may need.


Package Contents:

  • 1 GRABO H tool (2021 model)
  • 1 GRABO H Charger
  • 1 medium capacity battery
  • 1 tough Oxford fabric carry bag
  • Operator’s manual

(NOT available in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, UK, and Europe)

  • GRABO H lifting equipment packaging
  • GRABO H electric suction cup
  • grabo h pack charger & book

Lifting Capacity:

Perpendicular Hold parallel lifting by Nemo GRABO vacuum Parallel Hold Suction cup lifting box
Glass 330Lbs ( 150 kg ) 220Lbs ( 100 kg )
Ceramic Tiles 330Lbs ( 150 kg ) 220Lbs ( 100 kg )
Metal 242Lbs ( 110 kg ) 176Lbs ( 80 kg )
Plastic 220Lbs ( 100 kg ) 176Lbs ( 80 kg )
Wood 176Lbs ( 80 kg ) 132Lbs ( 60 kg )
Rough Slate 176Lbs ( 80 kg ) 132Lbs ( 60 kg )
Rough Concrete 176Lbs ( 80 kg ) 132Lbs ( 60 kg )
Dry Wall 132Lbs (60 kg ) 88Lbs ( 40 kg )
A hobby or DIY job is fun only if you are not involved with heavy labor. Keeping this in mind we developed the GRABO H for serious DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists. The tool is as robust as other models but designed for simpler use.

The GRABO H is designed to reduce fatigue in lifting heavier objects whether you are doing a home makeover or just running a maintenance chore. Just like the pro models, no compromise is made on the build quality or performance of the tool. The ergonomics and ease of use dynamics are unchanged on the tool.

GRABO H is designed to carry out relatively smaller tasks. The payloads involved with DIY jobs are generally lighter and fewer bulkier materials are used. Therefore, the GRABO H has slightly less lifting capacity than the industrial models. The tool has a lifting capacity of 330 lbs (150 kg), which is more than sufficient given the size of most jobs.

The lifting system. i.e. the vacuum pump and seal are the same on this tool as used on the industrial models. The vacuum pump works at 11.6 psi (0.8 bars), which in turn creates a firm grip on almost all types of non-porous flat surfaces. Once the vacuum pump is activated, it creates a strong suction and firmly attaches to any flat surface. 

This makes lifting wood, tile, or glass panels, or for that matter, any type of slabs or objects of different materials easier. For maximum heavy lifting, the vacuum pump can be kept activated even while lifting or moving the load.

Detailed size of GRABO H cup
Battery for GRABO H DIY lifter

The prominently positioned LED indicators on the GRABO handle, clearly and precisely indicate battery charge levels at any given time. To remove the tool from an object, simply press the red vacuum release button and move on to the next object to be lifted. 

Given these features, GRABO H is an ideal tool for flooring and landscaping within the construction industry.

The tool is equipped with a powerful 2000mAh Li-ion battery. It takes up to 2 hours to fully charge the battery. The tool can work non-stop for 1 hour on a full charge, with a standby time of 25 days.

Despite having slightly less lifting capacity in contrast to the standard models, there has been no compromise on the ergonomics and build quality. The lightweight construction makes the tool portable and easy to handle, yet simplicity of operation and performance makes it an efficient tool.

Not only that, the GRABO H is far safer and more effective than the manual thumb-operated suction cups.

GRABO H suction tool DIY foam
Bottom GRABO H Hobby & DIY

So, why put yourself in harm's way when you have a tool that is leaps and bounds ahead of the alternatives. There is no match for GRABO H other than the pro models.

GRABO H can be used creatively on some alternative applications too. For instance, it can be effectively used to lift and move smaller pieces of furniture. Likewise, it can also be used efficiently in assisting with lifting other smaller objects that weigh more. 

There are users who use the tool even as support for their exercise routines or as ladder supports. However, we discourage any applications for which the tool is not intended.


Battery11.1VDC 2000mAh Li-ion
Rated Power16W
Charger Input Voltage100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Battery Charging Time~2hrs
Non-Stop Running Time (Full Charge)1hrs
Running Cycles (On Full Charge)340 ON-OFF cycles of 10 seconds
Stand-by Mode (Charge Hold)25 days
Pump Service Life100000+ ON-OFF cycles / 800+ hrs continuous
Rated Air Flow0.5cfm ( 15 L/min )
Maximum Vacuum Rate11.6Psi ( 0.8 Bar, 80 kPa )
Maximum Lifting Capacity330Lbs ( 150 kg )
L x W x H11.67 x 7.12 x 4.76” ( 297 x 181 x 121 mm )
Net Weight (With Battery)2.6Lbs ( 1.2kg )
Working Temperature32°F~140°F ( 0°~60 °C )
Applicable Surface TypePeak/valley heights less than 0.1” (3mm),
arc less than 5°

GRABO Comparison Chart

Battery14.8VDC 2600mAh Li-ion14.8VDC 2600mAh Li-ion11.1VDC 2000mAh Li-ion
Rated Power16 W
Charger Input Voltage100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Battery Charging Time~2hrs
Non-Stop Running Time (Full Charge)90 Min90 Min60 Min
Running Cycles (ON-OFF Cycles of 10 Seconds On Full Charge)900900340
Stand-by Mode (Charge Hold relates to battery, not to the pump)30 Days30 Days25 Days
Pump Service Life (Charge Hold)100000+ ON-OFF cycles / 800+ hrs continuous action
With Automatic OFF SwitchNoYesNo
Rated Air Flow0.7cfm ( 20 L/min )0.7cfm ( 20 L/min )0.5cfm ( 15 L/min )
Maximum Vacuum Rate11.6Psi ( 0.8 Bar, 80 kPa )
Maximum Lifting Capacity375Lbs ( 170 kg )375Lbs ( 170 kg )330Lbs ( 150 kg )
L x W x H11.67 x 7.12 x 4.76” (297 x 181 x 121 mm)11.77 x 7.22 x 4.76” (300 x 184 x 121 mm)11.67 x 7.12 x 4.76” ( 297 x 181 x 121 mm )
Net Weight (With Battery)3.3Lbs ( 1.6 kg )3.2Lbs ( 1.5 kg )2.6Lbs ( 1.2 kg )
Working Temperature32°F~140°F ( 0°~60 °C )
Gauge TypeMechanical With Protective Rubber CoverSmart Digital Pressure SensorNo Gauge
Number of Batteries111
ChargerMulti Socket Charger
Number of Seals1 in Total1 in Total1 in Total
Warranty1 Year Basic Warranty as outlined on WWW.GRABO.COM1 Year Basic Warranty as outlined on WWW.GRABO.COM1 Year Limited Warranty as outlined on WWW.GRABO.COM
MiscellaneousUse for all surface types, without automatic stop function, without display and electronic pressure gaugeUse for all surface types, with automatic stop function at 11.6Psi, with digital display and electronic pressure gaugeUse for all surface types, with smaller battery, without automatic stop function, without display and pressure gauge, without strap eyelets

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