GRABO Lifting Abilities

The GRABO is able to lift a wide range of different materials and an awe-inspiring amount of weight.

GRABO's can lift just about any material you could think of; wood, stone, glass, laminated cardboard — you name it, the GRABO can lift it.

GRABO's are the perfect tool for lifting objects or materials that are too heavy to carry or things that can be a little tricky to get your hands around.

Things that you would have once struggled to lift, you will now be able to move with ease. Say goodbye to worrying about how you're going to remove that troublesome item out of your house or the old table that's been stuck in your garage for what seems like a decade.

In addition, a GRABO may even be able to save you from getting injuries. Materials such as rough glass or splintered wood which you would have once had to lift with your hands; you can now lift from a safe distance away. They don't only protect your hands, but your arms, face, and other areas where potentially dangerous materials could touch when being lifted.

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