Izzy Swan's Vacuum Plate - ingenious GRABO inventions from Izzy Swan

Vacuum Plate Implementation
To put it simply, the entire team here at GRABO are fans of Izzy Swan. If you're not yet subscribed to Izzy Swan's youtube channel or follow him on Instagram, you're missing out on some of the best content around wood working, and "makers culture".
Izzy Swan comes up with genius ideas, but more importantly, he also goes through with building and executing these concepts in lightning speed.<br />GRABO teamed with Izzy Swan to invent and build several attachments, add-ons and products that work in conjunction with the Nemo GRABO.
  • GRABO Izzy Swan's Vaccuum Plate
  • Izzy Swan's Vacuum Plate Valve
  • Izzy Swan's GRABO Plate
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Izzy Swan's Vacuum Plate

One of these inventions is the GRABO Vacuum Plate. The attachment is designed to easily connect your Nemo GRABO Lifter to a pneumatic hose. Your GRABO tool can be used to suck out the vacuum in chamber pots, vacuum bags & more. Simply place your GRABO tool on the vacuum plate & turn it on. The plate effectively sucks out vacuum pressure of 25 inHg or 12.25PSI.

This listing includes one vacuum plate & one brass hose fitting. GRABO tool, hose, vacuum chamber & vacuum bags are not included.

Implementing Vacuum Plate on GRABO
You can find out more about Izzy Swan's inventions and products in his web store
Subscribe to him on youtubeAnd follow him on Instagram

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