We make tools.

Since 2018 we made more than 200.000 GRABOs, and we know them all by name (or serial number). We are technical people - engineers, factory workers, logistics managers, repairmen, we really like what we do and we want to keep doing this to make even better tools for people who use them and rely on how well we made them in their hard daily work. This is why we don’t sell retail.
To concentrate 100% on our job we need YOU – hardware shops, online stores, bloggers and Instagram influencers, large and small distributors of supplies and equipment in United States, who know your local market and know best how and to whom to sell in your country. So if you know how to sell in United States as good as we know how to make – we want to offer you a deal.
The deal is simple: we make – you sell.

1. What’s in it for you?

You get to sell a one-of-a-kind innovative tool that has been a bestseller and a proven commercial success since its introduction in 2019 in countries like Japan, USA, all over the European Union, with high profit margins. A success that was made possible thanks to our global partners, who unanimously love our tools for their undeniable quality and love working with us for all the support we provide them with marketing, technical and commercial issues. As our product is unique and special – it is in constantly increasing demand and so does it present a unique financial opportunity that helps our distribution partners to leverage their profits and experience. It already sells very well in over 700 locations in 50 countries thanks to our partners – join them and help us bring it to United States!

2. We will help you

Just like we did with: TopSpin, Omega, Amastone, ACE, RAIZI, Tile Chick, THAT -> Tile Chick (she’s amazing, we love her), Izzy Swan We are placing our team of sales managers with years of experience in international trade, highly skilled engineers and media designers at your disposal to provide you and your clients with full around the clock support on any issue. We provide you with a library of graphic and printed materials and everything we know and can to achieve our common goal – supply our users with best experience possible for their hard earned money spent on our tools. We know how to work hard and will work hard also for you, to help you lift us to the next level!
We already have our materials translated into many languages and localized to different countries. Need to have them translated for you to your language? Contact your personal agent and we’ll assist you with all you need.
You are stepping on a path beaten by many hundreds of dealers in other countries so in most cases you won’t have to do much, and if you run into a problem we’ll help you. If you’re a large network older and more experienced than us or just run a blog and don’t own a business – we’re here to help you sell and provide user service.

3. Whom to sell it to

The tool is an innovative instrument based on hard science and patented technology, practical implementation of which is limited only by specific task and imagination. This is a principally new type of tool not existing beforehand, so the list of people who need it has no limits. Everyone who needs to lift heavy object or grab onto something and has no convenient way to do it is our friend. GRABO is mainly used in construction (masonry, paving, tiles, countertops, drywalls, flooring), in wood and metal working, by movers and the list goes on as we constantly discover new use cases. It is practically a magnet to non-magnetic surfaces and to rough, porous, wet, dusty and even muddy materials capable of lifting up to 375 Lbs (170 kg).

4. People love it

People just love our tools. We honestly have not heard people complaining or giving bad reviews yet. Must be something in our unbreakably positive characters at NPT that stuck onto our tools and just makes them so enjoyable by people :). We believe that hard work is fun and even more fun for us to make it easier with all the new improvements we have constantly coming up, like the Erguo attachment , that saves a lot of back pain for our users, or a Bluetooth app that controls many Grabos at once for those huge large format granite slabs that you just can’t lift easily without risking to break them in half.

The Grabo, being what it is, is just plain fun to work with and to have, it just brings smiles to people’s faces and people will often buy it just to have one around to have fun with and to see what it can do.

It sells in 100s of thousands a year with demand increasing every month (even during the 2020 pandemic).

And we never stop inventing, we are just too creative.


5. Return on investment

We have built OUR company, the Nemo Power Tools and the GRABO brand.
We know what investing time and efforts means. And we know that you expect them to pay off at some point. As do we. Ask us what we can do for you to help you start it up.
Our pricing structure is built so you can start earning from lowest order quantity possible. But if in United States things are really different then we will work together as partners to find you a custom solution. After all, we aim for strong long-term relationship that fits the incredible durability of our products. Check our warranty page – our Extended Warranty is 7 years! We will still be here then, and hope you will be with us, growing strong together.

6. How different things really are in United States

How’s the weather in United States? How much is the import tax? The grass is all kinds of different shades on all our neighbours’ lawns. Legislation, certification, import taxes, technical standards and regulations and even the coloring conventions for printed manuals and flyers, it appears. We can not possibly know them all, we may have never been to United States, maybe someday. For now we need your help. You know the rules of the game in United States. Let’s start building a bridge, let us know what we can do from our side in smallest details. Your personal sales agent knows what steel the screws are made of and will put the right colored seal on the contract for the customs.

7. Exclusivity

We work with almost everyone, from private people who joined our affiliate program and want to get some extra income by promoting our tools and selling one by one, to some VERY large wholesale distributors like ACE and Amazon, but ideally we are looking for THE CHOSEN ONE in every country, and now in United States. One single partner who has all the answers – the right distribution channels and knows all the written and the non-written rules of trade in United States. We build our tools not for the mere goal of money profit, we make them for the people who hold them in their hand every single day and entrust the wellbeing of themselves and their families and THEIR clients not only in the perfect quality of our tools but also of the service they receive.
So both our users and us expect our trading partners to understand the liability and share our values and obsessive passion for quality in all aspects of the job being done. The tiles of many floors people are walking on around the world are laid with GRABO, it is mostly used in construction to build the closest thing a person can have – a HOME, so out of our many equally valuable partners we choose VERY carefully, basing our decisions on company size, experience in the industry, plans for the future and marketing strategy. Looking for the one who’s on the same page with us regarding hard work and most importantly – the human factor.
Cause in the end of the day we all get home built mainly by human hands, no matter where we are.

Country Exclusive distributor
UK & Ireland exordia-global.com
Holland / Germany topspininternational.nl
Scandinavia vimigroup.dk
Finland lasia.fi
Baltic states fokusgroup.lt
Japan hafele.co.jp

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