GRABO partnership in United States

GRABO is the world's first innovation of cordless vacuum sanction cup power tool, which was introduced to the market in 2019 and quickly became a BESTSELLER in multiple countries.

GRABO is known as the most popular new tool in the stone, tiles & Masonry industry with a unique sealing system, which allows it to attach to almost any surface with amazing strength of up to 170 Kg! The powerful GRABO is already used by hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide.

We currently have successful distribution partners in 55 different countries, but we are still looking to establish a long-term relationship in United States.

GRABO’s success means we’re expanding globally and part of our growth strategy depends on strengthen our supply chain with the right local business partners.

If you are an importer\distributor or business with a large existing network and reputation in your country, we would like to speak with you. Please read on to learn about this unique opportunity, and contact us soon to discuss how we can work together.

* If you are well-connected in United States, We are offering a generous “finders fee” payment to individuals who introduce us to the right partner. Read below and contact us if you’d like to introduce GRABO to the right partner in United States.

Grabo can Lift Up your business

GRABO is already a proven commercial success in multiple countries. With no competition It is the BESTSELLER of Nemo Power Tools, and many of our global distribution partners in Europe, Japan,USA,Australia and more. 

Within the first two years following the introduction of GRABO, More than 200K units were sold worldwide! with no competition, positive market acceptance and local partners in even small countries reaching millions of dollars in GRABO sales - it is clear that The GRABO is a real winner. With the demand increasing month on month, The GRABO is on the top performing manufacture in the industry.

Every Five minutes another GRABO tool is sold to a new customer across the world

Join The Success

Our fast global expansion depends on finding the right local partners in each territory, and to establish a long-term relationship with them to make GRABO just as successful in each country.
Some of our distribution benefits include Increasing the product range with new Developments such As The GRABO Pro, Easy to use managing software, Warranty and Service Plan, high on-time delivery rate, zero returns, Huge marketing cover...
Our partner’s success is our success, and we work hard with our distributors to make sure GRABO maintains its position as market leader and a BESTSELLER in every new market, and we will work just as hard to make United States another success story for GRABO.


Find your space

As of April 2021, GRABO is already sold by dealers and retailers in over 700 locations across over 55 countries. Most of the demand comes from the United States, Europe and Japan with other countries not far behind. In most countries, a single distribution partner is given exclusive rights for the distribution in his country and our team provides the marketing and technical support to help expand the network of customers and dealers who only buy directly from our partner.

The word spreads fast – Unique One of a kind GRABO

GRABO is received with enthusiasm by opinion leaders of industry as well as DIY enthusiasts, workers, installers and professional builders. GRABO has a near perfect 5-Star rating on Amazon US and other verified review sites. The Grabo popular sensation gets priority coverage on social networks and positive attention wherever it lands. We receive great feedback and maintain a track record of quality and customer satisfaction. GRABO’s quality and Nemo Power Tools will always keep customer satisfaction and product quality as its top priority. The brand GRABO has forever defined the category of cordless powered suction cups, and all of this is only the beginning.

High-end quality

We’re based in Hong Kong and run our own wholly-owned high tech production facility. With founding team members from Israel, USA, Australia and Hong Kong, we built our factory with the highest manufacturing standards in mind. We are obsessed with quality and always aim for the highest level of innovative engineering, performance and the highest standards of manufacturing and post-production quality controls. Our full warranty plan covers any country around the world and we’re proud to stand behind our product. To ensure the required quality and volume of tools & parts World-Wide. our manufacture teams working around the clock to secure that the production capabilities would be always more than the demand.

The Partner

We’re only looking for a single exclusive distributor. We advertised this page in order to find the one best distribution partner in United States . We are looking for one person or company who we will feel comfortable to work with and build the success of GRABO together with them. Once we decide that we have found the right partner, this page will be deleted. So unfortunately, we can not work with everyone, but we will be happy to speak over the phone, get to know you, and decide together if we have found the right fit.

  • Many factors influence our decisions about who to work with, including the size of the business, experience in the industry, existing distribution channels and plan for future marketing. But more importantly is the personality fit, the enthusiasm and the willingness to work hard with us to grow the brand together. If this opportunity is right for you, give us a call today!

Are You:

  • Already resell construction materials?
  • Have an extensive client’s base or good lead generation system?
  • Looking for new alternatives and valuable products to offer your clients.
  • Want to have exclusive rights in your region and develop your local market?
  • Want to have a reliable supplier and partner that is ready to support you and not only provide a great product, but also assist you in building your business?

If YES - contact us