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How do I keep my GRABO suction tool from falling


The GRABO suction tool is a cordless suction cup lifter that operates using an electric vacuum pump to accomplish a higher measure of suction power, securing it to almost any surface. It works on hard, porous and also drenched surfaces. It is particularly beneficial when installing huge-structure floor tiles and other heavy materials. The GRABO suction tool is easy to operate – it has two control buttons, a green one for easy on/off operation in the vacuum pump and a red coloured one for quick discharge of the suction power. It is a genuinely cordless model, and power is supplied from the 14.8v Li-ion battery pack package, which may last for 1.5 valid hours and take two hours to charge. Every GRABO tool kit is supplied with two battery pack packages. Each unit also has four lifting lugs for attaching bands to aid in carrying bulkier objects.

The suction tool can lift as much as 170kg. It can be appropriate for use on numerous surfaces: Plasterboard, checker dish, drain materials, worktops, entry doors, concrete slabs, stone pieces, floor pavers, flagstones, textured floor tiles & panels, and more. The GRABO suction tool works particularly well on hard or porous materials (wood, concrete, rocky surfaces, gypsum panels, typical stone floor tiles). Its removable seal combined with its effective vacuum pump makes it possible to lift such materials. Porous surfaces let oxygen travel through them, causing the vacuum created by a typical suction cup to crash after a few seconds. The GRABO electrical vacuum Lifter is helpful on these types of surfaces. It maintains the vacuum by constantly pumping out oxygen at a greater rate of oxygen entering the material. The flexibility of the replaceable rubber seal at its base allows it to create an outstanding close by moulding itself to any contours and unequal surfaces.

What happens when a GRABO suction tool doesn't function properly

There are many possible causes of your GRABO doesn't adhere effectively. Some of which are 

  • The rubber seal may be worn out.

To avoid this, the Nemo GRABO and GRABO Pro 20 comes with an extra rubber seal in their kit, replacing the one installed on the device. Also, rubber seals are sold independently and can be purchased from a GRABO dealer near you. Check here for stores.

  • A leak may be in the suction area due to dirt or tear in the rubber seal.

It can be corrected by making sure the vacuum pump is on all through the lifting process. Then, as it keeps running, it ensures that any influx of air is pumped out so that the vacuum is maintained and the grip on the surface is firm enough as the object moves from one area to another. If there s a tear in the rubber seal, it should be replaced with a new one.

  • The surface may be greasy or slippery.

Although the GRABO suction tool can also be used on a wide range of surfaces, we advise that it is better and safer to ensure that surfaces are clean enough when using your tool. Also, the vacuum pump is kept running to avoid any slip off and, therefore, injury to the user.

Here are some tips to help when using GRABO

On many occasions, suction-cup damages occur when either the suction cup or surface isn't as nice and clean as it could be. First, wipe the rubber seal with a lint-free material, then do the same with the particular surface. A mild dusting may be all they need. You can also wipe the surface using white vinegar or alcohol, then do the same within the rubber seal. It removes any fatty or greasy substance which could inhibit a good suction. Only use the vinegar or alcohol on surfaces that won't be affected by it, for example, a windowpane or possibly a shower area stall. If working with a painted surface, say a wall, analyze the alcohol or vinegar on a little spot first.

As long as you are a registered user of the GRABO suction tool, you are eligible for various benefits, including a prolonged warranty on your device. In cases where the tool keeps slipping off, then kindly take it for a check with your local GRABO dealer to see if there is a malfunction with the pressure gauge or vacuum pump. So, freely walk up to a GRABO representative near you, and the cause will be rectified. If you are carrying an object through a long distance, we advise you to make periodic stops to check the device's hold on the object until you get to your destination. Also, you can try using your hands to support it as you lift the object.

We do hope this article helps your GRABO experience a whole lot better and more fun. At Nemo Power Tools LLC, our joy is to keep serving you with the best of tools.

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How do I keep my GRABO suction tool from falling