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How to lift weight safely - GRABO

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Vacuum flag lifter ensures the lifting of concrete and stone weight, allowing tight joints with no damage. The vacuum lifter removes the personnel's from the work zone. The vacuum flag lifter has complete control of lifting, placing and manipulating the weight. Therefore, many safety precautions must be observed when lifting with a GRABO device to ensure safe landing and personnel getting injured or harmed. Safety observations also ensure that your device continues to function optimally at all times and for a very long time. Safety precautions are divided into before, during, and after to ensure safety at all steps.

Here are a few precautions to ensure that you lift your weight safely

Pre-lifting safety precaution

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These are the safety precautions to be observed before lifting commences.

Personal Safety

Before you start lifting, ensure that other personnel's around you are aware. Keep your hands and feet clear of the weight and the machine. Always avoid bending or walking under the load in the situation of accidental release. Ensure that weight to be lifted are not left unattended. Ensure that everyone who operates the vacuum flag lifter reads the operating instructions and they adhere to them strictly. The GRABO vacuum lifter is the best, but to ensure that your weight is lifted with no hassle, it is vital to strictly adhere to all the instructions. 

Safe lifting

All the supporting and weight fixing devices like rope, chain, hooks, etc., must be rated appropriately to support the lifter's weight and the load. To calculate the net capacity of the system, deduct the weight of the vacuum flag lifer from the crane. The vacuum flag lifter should be used on a non-porous or slightly porous surface before lifting, dust off rubbles from the load and don't use the lifter on very severely, uneven or rusted loads, as there is a danger that the load may become unstable. The vacuum flag lifter should never be used to drag loads across the floor. Make sure you don't lift weight higher than necessary. It is vital to locate all overhead lines and maintain the designated minimum clearance distance. Also, ensure that only qualified personnel service the GRABO device. 

Condition of the lifter 

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Before you start operating the lifter, it should be inspected. If any safety concern or potential problem is noticed, qualified and approved personnel should be notified, and it should be indicated on the vacuum flag lifter. If the safety indications are not visible, then the vacuum flag lifter should not be in operation. The GRABO vacuum lifter should be in the best condition to function accurately. A discussion between the supervisory personnel and operators should allow for pre-planning of work to be done. A job safety analysis should be conducted to determine individual job.

During lifting safety precaution

These are the safety precautions to be observed when the vacuum lifter is in use.

Proceed with caution

Please do not exceed the specified lifting capacity, and this is why it is imperative that personnel operating the lifter read and understand the lifters instruction. It is vital to keep in mind that the vacuum lift capacity is not the same as the pad lift capacity. Also, properly position the vacuum pad, engage the vacuum and lift, lower and rotate slowly. Keep the load low and lift pipes near their centre. If the vacuum flag lifter starts malfunctioning midway, ensure to switch the unit off and secure t from restarting and should be labelled appropriately.

After lifting safety precaution

After the weight lifting is complete, please turn off the GRABO lifter and secure it for proper storage. The GRABO lifter also has some instructions on the after use that should be followed strictly. Convey the lifter to the storage site and unhook it from the equipment used to operate the lifter. If applicable, use forklift pockets when moving the lifer to and from storage with a forklift. 

General safety precaution

These precautions come in handy at all time and help to prevent operators from any harm and also the weight to be lifted. Other precautions worthy of note include: always have a portable fire extinguisher that is fully charged handy and ready for use and ensure all personnel know how to use the fire extinguisher. Personnel's should always wear their safety gear such as glasses, hat, mask, reflective vet, shoes, gloves, hearing protection etc. Operators and ground personnel should establish the designated method of communication before work commences. Always turn the fuel shut off valve. It is vital to state that no precaution is greater than the other. Hence, no precaution should be ignored or esteemed as every precaution has a significant role to play.


Safety precaution should not be treated lightly; the manual that comes with any GRABO device should be read and observed keenly. Other safety precaution that comes with the pandemic should also be observed. Buying a vacuum flag lifter from a trusted and reliable manufacturer like GRABO and observing all the safety precautions will give you a good run for your money. Your device will be in use for a long time.

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