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Reasons why you should choose the GRABO as your suction handles for lifting.

Making the right choice when it comes to suction handles can sometimes be overwhelming, especially with a lot of suction handles out there in the market. The ease that suction handles offer can not be over-emphasized, especially in industries such as the glass industry or even the construction industry. If you are looking to improve the efficiency and productivity in your business while making sure that your workers' health is in check, then adding a suction handle would be one of the equipment you should consider incorporating into your business.

A suction handle device is a type of suction cup used to move smooth, large objects such as glass, floor tiles, countertops, and even heavy bricks or stones. Suction handles are also known as vacuum lifting devices. This device follows the suction principle and uses that in lifting heavy objects, which would normally require extra effort and strength. They can either be for industrial, commercial, or even personal lifting operations. The way they work is simple; suction lifting devices are almost like suction cups because they follow the same principle, which is creating a vacuum between two surfaces, viz, the surface to be lifted and the lifter itself. This vacuum is initiated by either pushing a lever or a button or the handle of the suction lifting device.

There are a variety of suction lifting devices out there in the market that can take over and replace the activities of straps, chains, clamps, and the likes. These lifters make lifting large items such as large slabs, glass, and pavers much easier.

You should know that there are not just different brands of suction lifters, but there are also different types. The choice of suction lifting device that you will purchase will largely be influenced by the purpose for which it is intended. Here is a list of some types of suction lifting handles.

Powered vacuum lifting beams

Perfect for lifting and securing glass panels, it comes with a rotation of a 90-degree tilt to enable you to securely transfer your glass panels from one place to another without the risk of breakage.

Self-suction lifting beams

These are usually suspended from some sort of hoist hook; the suction lifting device has to be lowered onto the material being used.

Battery-operated vacuum lifters.

 What can be a better alternative? It not only cuts down on energy consumption, but it also saves you money on electricity bills. The two types of batteries used in operating such lifters include

Alpha battery

Often this is used in a single-man hand-operated lifter. It is ideal for small liftings such as ceramic, glass, or plastic and metal sheet lifting.

Beta battery

 This battery is specifically designed for two-person operation lifting. Lifting of materials such as stones slab, concrete slabs, and all forms of natural stone,

 Hand-operated vacuum lifter

This type of suction lifter is particularly useful if you do not have access to a crane or you just don't want on-site. Perfect for simpler delicate jobs without you having to worry about marking the surfaces when working with glass.

The grabo suction lifting device happens to fall. For example, under the hand-operated and battery-operated lifters, I recommend that you need a suction lifting handle that falls in that category. Here’s why: Unlike most conventional lifters that can only create a vacuum with a flat and smooth surface, the GRABO lifters work with edged and non-porous surfaces. Here a list of materials that grabo can pick up; Natural stone, Concrete, Pavers, Glass panels, Ribbed-glass, Marble, Wood, Drywall, Checker plate, Metal and Texture plates,

All you need to do put the battery in its slot and simply turn it on. The unit also allows one hand to pick up the material and use the other to support it. Here a few reasons why you should make GRABO your suction lifter of choice so long it suits the purpose you want to use it for:

 No restriction

 Unlike the other conventional lifters that are restricted to working with a particular surface. GRABO works with almost any materials, from pavers to tiles, and the possibilities are endless.

Safety and ergonomic friendly

Glass slips, cuts, and pinches can be a menace. Eliminate accidents from lifting with the use of this tool. Not only does it provides safety in the workplace or for your employees, but it also helps with optimum productivity, which would have resulted in a decline in performance from injured workers.


The machines ensure efficiency by eliminating the wasted time that might occur in manually lifting, readjusting a load while trying to be careful, and avoiding accidents. Having a GRABO tool on deck in a business that requires the use of such a tool is a no-brainer. It’s a win-win for you as not only is your safety assured, but your productivity is also ensured.

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