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Suction Lifting Devices, An Essential Tool In The Food Industry

The food industry has grown and is still growing at an incredible rate. As the human population increases, the food supply must also increase. To meet this supply, most food companies in the industry have either fully gone mechanical in their production or almost mechanical in their production.

Machines such as suction lifting devices, cranes, conveyor belts, lifters, and cranes are used to ensure efficiency, productivity, time management and meet hygiene and sanitary standards. The suction lifting device is quite popular in the food industry, more than you might know. Aside from the popular belief that they are mostly used only in construction, the food industry uses them for various purposes.

A suction lifting device or a suction pad, as you might know, it operates using the same principles as the suction cup.  The principle is creating a vacuum between the surface that is to be lifted and another surface. 

Simply put, you can say that a suction lifting device makes use of suction. This is responsible for making contact with the surface of the object to be lifted. These devices can either be operated on a hoist or handheld, with the handheld option being the most popular. The conventional suction lifting device works better with flat, smooth surfaces such as tiles. It has difficulties sticking to porous surfaces or rough-textured surfaces, but the GRABO lifters adhere to surfaces of all kinds, making it your best bet.

The food industry is made up of many companies, and these companies are involved in the manufacturing and processing of the food you and I consume daily.

Whatever the case may be and whatever food items these companies might be producing, there is always something they have in common, and that is they all move products from one point to another.

All goods are processed from raw materials, and during the production process, they go through different processes after production, such as processing and packaging. These products are being moved from either conveyor belts to shipping docks or storing facilities. In large-scale productions in the food industry, food handling and processing are an aspect that requires details and attention.

Take, for example, in a bottling company that produces sodas; bottles are passed through conveyor belts and filled carefully. After the filling and corking process, the bottles are then gentle with the help of a suction lifting device from conveyor belts to crates.

Suction cups can also be used for sorting items on the conveyor belts and also for safe gripping, packs, sacks, or even already processed food items such as cupcakes, and a suction cup can be used in such cases. This device is especially used in industries such as confectionery industries for cupcakes, sugar industries, or powdered or granulated food companies such as sugar or flour.

Another stage in which the suction devices are used is in the moving of raw materials. Raw materials such as sugar, flour, and salt may come in sacks, usually of considerable weight.

In such cases, a handheld suction lifting device can move these materials from one point to another. The Nemo GRABO is a perfect example of a handheld suction lifting device used to lift sacks and other items. It can move materials as heavy as 375 lbs. Nemo GRABO is ergonomically designed to provide maximum work efficiency.

To use this machine, all you need to do is place it on any surface to be lifted and simply switch on the unit. Once the vacuum pump is activated, it creates a strong suction and firmly attaches to any non-porous flat surface. This makes lifting panels or slabs, or even objects of different materials, an easier job. For maximum lifting, the vacuum pump can be kept activated even while lifting or moving the load.


Other food industries that make use of suction lifting devices and their variations include:

  • Poultry for large-scale movement of crates of eggs from one point to another.

  • Meat shops for handling unpacked meat to avoid contamination.

  • Confectionery stores and large-scale production bakeries. Suction cups here are used for the careful handling of cookies, chocolates, and even muffins.

Often, these processes are machine operated with just a few aspects of it being manual. A downside of this is that the high rate of machinery-operated industries leads to a high rate of unemployment. However, the GRABO lifter is handheld and operated by a person and doesn’t further reduce the unemployment rate. The food industry is very much dependent on suction lifting devices, whatever the variations might be. The different variations suit different purposes, each having their very own role they play. The GRABO lifters are made to suit different types of lifting carried out in the food Industry. With future designs ready to be launched soon, GRABO can become a part of essential lifters in the food industry.

suction lifting device
Suction Lifting Devices, An Essential Tool In The Food Industry