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Suction Handles for lifting - What speaks in favor?

Any device that is made use of for commercial and manufacturing lifting processes is known as a suction lifter or a suction pad. Transporting or conveying various objects, ranging from glass panes to equipment such as kitchen countertops or floor tiles, is unavoidable in the construction industry. Most of the time, they do this lifting manually, and this is where suction handles for lifting comes in.

Suction handles for lifting apply a similar principle as a suction cup, keeping a vacuum in between the surface to be lifted and a supple material such as latex. The vacuum is produced by pressing the control or handle on the suction cup.

The capacity of the suction lifting handle is subject to the size, number, and type of suction cups and the lifting mechanism. Normally, the capacity for hand-operated suction handles varies from 10 kg to 60 kg per lift.

Here comes the point, where suction cup handles start lacking. The weight they can lift is not that high. Especially, a lot of suction handles out there in the market have very cheap quality. Only very few manufacturers and brands achieve high-quality and affordable prices. The Nemo GRABO is a suction lifter that is the best example of this. In this case, we have a small tool that can be used by anyone. There is no need to be a professional to know how to work with this device. The GRABO can lift a max. of 170 kg, which already will make them stand out of the competition.

Suction handles for lifting are perfectly suited for flat surfaces, but the type is designed to work with curve shapes or any other shapes. Bumpier textured surfaces make the maintaining of a suction handle for lifting a bit more difficult. Poorer atmospheric pressures also make it harder to stick to surfaces.

Tips for marinating your suction handle for lifting

1. Ease the Requirements on Your Vacuum Pump

Regardless of the type of gripper that comes with your suction handle for lifting, even if it can attain a vacuum level of up to 85% using compressed air, or even if the gripper can operate without an air supply and can achieve a vacuum level of up to 70%, you should constantly go for the biggest vacuum suction cup available to ease the request on your vacuum pump.

When you make use of a bigger vacuum suction cup, it’s easier to control a heavier object using the same pressure. Equally, a smaller vacuum suction cup needs a higher vacuum level to lift the same object. Keeping the force low not only guarantees a secure and extended pump life, but also significantly reduces energy requests. Meanwhile, the vacuum force and the energy needed to generate that force don’t scale linearly.

2. Add Safety to Your System

To lift and control an object, a vacuum-producing apparatus is used to decrease the atmospheric pressure within the vacuum suction cup and generate a restricted vacuum. This pressure change, once linked with the force of the air around the vacuum suction cup presses down on the cup, pressing it against the object, and, at the same period, pressing the object against the inside walls of the cup owing to the lesser pressure.


4. Make Use of Smaller Cups to Lift Leaky Materials

In some cases, making use of large vacuum cups are appropriate, while in some cases, smaller cups are better. Cases where controlling materials that are porous in nature, materials like textiles or corrugated fiberboard.

Smaller vacuum suction cups are less susceptible to leakage than larger cups, which can easily control porous materials only when used with a high-flow pump capable of making up for their natural leakage. By using smaller cups, you can realize the exact lifting capacity while preserving dense air and energy.

When handling thin metal plates or other fragile items that could be bent or damaged if too much lifting force is focused on one area, it is wiser to make use of four smaller suction cups instead of making use of two large cups.


Even though they might look small, suction handles for lifting are very important for the smooth operation of the whole lifter. Today, suction handles for lifting comes in various shapes, sizes, brands, and colors. It is crucial to patronize a reliable and trusted manufacturer that will put you through all you need to know to make an informed choice. The right manufacturer will also take you through all the instructions for maintaining your suction handle for lifting, as we have tried to do with this article. It is necessary to carry out your due diligence research and be aware of the load you will be lifting with your suction handle for lifting to make a perfect choice.