GRABO is seeking partner in United States

GRABO is a revolutionary handheld power tool, which is quickly becoming a global phenomenon across various industries since its 2019 inception. GRABO has vastly improved the way tradesmen across the stone, tile, landscape, glass, and even woodworking industries perform their daily works tasks. We currently have distribution partners in 40 different countries, but not yet in your country. GRABO’s success means we’re expanding globally and part of our growth strategy depends on finding the right business partner in each country and region. Who are we looking for?
  • Importers, Distributors, Retailers with experience importing and successfully selling products within their country
  • Should have strong contacts across the various industries in which the GRABO has proven successful in other countries
  • Ability to purchase and hold inventory for the purposes of resale within your country.
Affiliate Program:  If you are unable to invest and be a distributor yourself but can refer strong potential partners to the program, please inquire about our “Finders Fee Referral” program.  This program allows you to earn payment for successful introductions.

1. Opportunity

GRABO is already a proven commercial success throughout Europe, Japan, North America and several other global regions both large and small!  Nemo Power Tools makes innovative tools and we seek out innovative partners that can sell them.  GRABO is a true game-changer and that is proven by its sales success worldwide...  but we are just scratching the surface.

Therefore, we want to meet partners that understand GRABO’s incredible sales potential and can put a strategy in place to achieve that in their local market!

2. Customer Feedback on GRABO

Around the world, GRABO is used by material handlers and installers in the masonry, stone, tile/flooring, glass, and drywall/wood fields.  It is the world’s first portable electric vacuum lifter, and is capable of lifting over 170Kg/375Lbs.  Many industry professionals tell us that GRABO is the most useful tool in their truck.

3. Commercial success in numbers

As of May 2020, GRABO is sold by dealers and retailers in over 450 locations in more than 40 countries. In many countries, a single distribution partner is given exclusive rights for the distribution in their country. That means potentially no competition in selling GRABO! Our GRABO sales team will assist in marketing and technical support along the way.

Within the first 12 months of its launch, we sold over 85,000 units of GRABO worldwide. Our dealers enjoy strong margins and a high rate of repeat sales!

4. Our partners love GRABO

Nemo Power Tools and our dealer partners are enthusiastic about GRABO’s early success but we have much bigger expectations.
Therefore, we seek new dealer partners that believe in GRABO too! We encourage potential distribution partners to do their homework. Look around the web... research GRABO... See how incredible the feedback and worldwide reception really is! Then when you are ready, reach out to us and let's see if there is a way for you to become a part of our growing family of dealers.

Country Exclusive distributor
UK & Ireland
Holland / Germany
Baltic states

5. Quality Tools by Nemo Power Tools

The patented technology behind GRABO was developed and refined by Nemo Power Tools over several years.

We’re based in Hong Kong and run our own wholly-owned high tech production facility. With founding team members from Israel, USA, Australia and Hong Kong, we built our factory with the highest manufacturing standards in mind. We are obsessed with quality and always aim for the highest level of innovation, engineering, and performance. We also employ the highest standard of manufacturing and post-production quality controls.

We have a full warranty plan that is covered anywhere in the world as we are proud to stand behind our product.

6. What’s the catch?

This opportunity won’t last forever. We are looking for a single exclusive distributor in your area.

Many factors influence our decisions about who to choose. We evaluate the size of the business, experience in the industry, existing distribution channels and plan for success. Equally important is personality fit, enthusiasm and a willingness to commit to GRABOs success in your exclusive area.

If you feel this is right for you, reach out today!

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