GranQuartz Denver Store is well organized by Wes Tyler and is located on 1020 S. Jason Street Denver CO 80223.
The Denver branch of GranQuartz deals in Grabo products, and you can buy the products at any point of need.
The GRABO product line is well managed by GranQuartz on this particular location and the Nemo GRABO portable electric suction cups are usually in stock and available at the Anaheim Gran Quartz store.
GranQuartz was founded in 1971 and is one of the biggest suppliers of stone fabrication tools and supplies in the US. In extension to this, they help you get quality products and services in the concrete polishing and tile markets.
For a trial of the Grabo product, you can visit the Denver branch at any point in time.
It will good to call ahead and ask if the specific GRABO unit you're looking for is available at the store or not.
Please call 303-733-6840 for any inquiries.