Grabo uses around the world

Grabo first entered the market in 2019 as an innovative tool for the glass & tiles industries. In recent month, our partners around the world report growing demand and surprising new uses by their customers. These are just a few ways Grabo is currently being used around the world:

Drywall and lumber

A Union carpenter from the Chicago writes: There are many different applications of work I use this for, from drywall, lumber even exterior building panels.

Drywall and lumber

Our distributors in Japan report: Grabo is being used by workers in cemeteries all around Japan. It is a great tool for moving heavy tombstones and works great even on the non-smooth stone surface.


Patterned slates and floor panels

Grabo is available across the USA at many Louisville tile shops.
Tile workers report that Grabo is the perfect tool for picking and placing tiles, including patterned slates and any size floor panels. Professional installer Kyle S writes: “it has long-lasting holding power even after the pump is turned off. We used it on an acid-etched concrete panel and it carried the 120-lb panel with ease with the pump running continuously (which should be expected on this type of surface). They’re fairly light weight and ergonomic, which beats the heck out of air cups with hoses and compressors attached.”

Textured fused undulated glass

Grabo has become an extremely popular tool for glass builders in Germany and Holland. Led by our partners Topspin international – Tens of thousands of units are now used on construction sites for lifting and placing of pattered glass, wet or dusty glass panels and more. Rich Lamoth writes: “We laminate textured fused glass and have always needed a suction cup to grab the undulated surfaces. This product is the answer for these situations. Now we can grab rough surfaces with ease. This is a great tool to have around the shop.”

One of the more popular uses of Grabo in North America is as a safety “ladder anchor”. Omega Industrial Supply, Inc. Offers Grabo to workers and job site managers across California who care greatly about employee safety. Oleg J writes: “Yearly, over 150,000 people are sent to the emergency rooms in the USA because of ladder-related accidents. 300 of them lose their lives. We use Grabo to secure ladders to the concrete floor, or to the wall which the ladder leans against. Grabo prevents the ladder from tipping over, sliding back or falling to the side. With over 200 lbs of grabbing power, Grabo is probably at least as safe as a human spotter holding the ladder from below.”

Suspension training (TRX)

A new, unexpected and highly innovative use of Grabo comes to us from the sports supplies industry. One of our global distributors pointed out that his clients are using two Grabos combined with a TRX system in order to work-out at home, in the office and while traveling. Grabos are attached to any avilable surface and are used as anchors for workout straps, rubber resistance straps or even as temporary pull-up bars. While this wasn’t a planned use-case for Grabo, we welcome any creative idea brought up by our clients.