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What Makes GRABO A Top Tool For Construction Workers

Injuries are not uncommon on a construction site, and while some accidents are unavoidable, others can be prevented with the proper tools. The GRABO vacuum lifter can allow construction workers to move nearly any kind of material while preventing possible injury. It redesigns traditional vacuums, making it one of the top tools for construction workers on the market today.

One Amazon review calls it an “excellent tool.”

“The GRABO lifted with no problem. I was showing it to a carpenter and even on a plywood wall I could not pull it off. Highly recommend this tool,” the review reads.

The GRABO is a top piece of construction equipment that can suction to nearly any kind of surface. It has an average ranking of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

GRABO Vacuum

Safety First

Using a vacuum lifter allows workers to better handle the weight of heavy material. In turn, this prevents accidents and injuries that come from heavy lifting. Lifting on construction sites typically require rigs, such as chains and hooks, but these are free swinging tools that can come loose.

The suction feature found on vacuum lifters, like GRABO, prevents accidents that can come from having loose, swinging material. Workers have to climb up top in order to secure the material, and line workers are on the ground in order to guide it. 

In 2014, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration found that over five hundred deaths were caused by workers being “struck by” or “caught between” these types of hazards. They were deemed two of the Fatal Four occurrences on construction sites that year.

In addition, Traveler’s Insurance conducted a 2015 study that found 1.5 million worker compensation claims had been filed between 2010 and 2015. Material handling was found to be the most common cause of these claims.

GRABO takes away the need for rigs that have chains and hooks, and in doing so eliminates the possibility of many fatal accidents and injuries.

GRABO Eliminates The Need For Time Consuming Mechanisms

The rigs that are typically used to handle and move material at construction sites can be extremely time-consuming. However, GRABO can speed up the process and allow for more work to get done in shorter periods of time.

One purchaser on Amazon said, “We received our GRABO yesterday and all our carpenters are very exited, we have only used it a few times to lift big picture windows and it works amazing. I can see us purchasing more, it will save a lot of sore backs and speed up loading and unloading.”

GRABO is an easy-to-use and efficient tool that doesn’t require hiring any extra workers to handle it. The simple operation contributes to the overall productivity that comes with using a vacuum lifter.

Not Like Traditional Vacuums

“I was skeptical, but boy was I wrong,” one five star Amazon review says. “Ordered this last week after doing a glass install job. Did a bunch or research on different options. This seemed like the most advanced option. I of course was a little skeptical that it would work as good as it was shown. I opened it up and went into an apartment I'm renoing currently. Stuck it to the side of the fridge and was easily able to lift one side with no issues. I have shown it to a fellow tradesman who is thinking of purchasing a set or two for his quartz business he was so impressed with a couple minutes of operation time.”

Typical vacuum lifters used on construction sites can only suction to dry, flat surfaces, but the GRABO has a unique design that makes it more versatile. It can lift stone, dry wall, rough or uneven material, and more. This is made possible through suction technology.

Some of the materials that GRABO can operate with are wood, concrete, texture plates, ribbed glass, and natural stone. Small models can also be used to move pieces of furniture.

GRABO Lifting Cement

The GRABO suction works through an automatic switch, allowing the pump to vacuum the material to the lift. This airtight seal is how it is able to lift a variety of objects, even those with a porous surface.

It is an electric vacuum, with a long-lasting battery, and can be operated for over an hour in case of a power outage.

There Are A Variety of GRABO Vacuums

There are three GRABO products; Nemo GRABO, GRABO Pro-Lifter 20, and GRABO H. Each of these are portable vacuum lifters that can be used for a variety of jobs and products.

The Nemo GRABO is the classic model, with a simple design that doesn’t compromise how powerful it is. It has four lugs that can be used with straps to provide additional support while moving. The lightweight build makes it ideal for any construction worker’s toolbox.

The Pro-Lifter 20 comes with smart settings and digital display, as well as weight and pressure sensors. It promises to “make heavy lifting easy” with a capacity to lift 375lbs. The foam rubber vacuum seal makes it resistant to any loss of pressure. If any loss of pressure is detected, the pump will automatically start and restore it. The Pro-Lifter 20 is a best in class tool, with a pumping capacity of 20 liters per minute that makes it perfect for more heavy duty jobs.

The GRABO H is a model created for DIY projects and hobbyists. The vacuum lifter is just as efficient as the other models, but is simpler to operate. The ease of operation allows users to move heavy objects for home projects without causing fatigue. The lifting capacity is less than other models, 330 lbs, because it was designed for use in home projects. Even with the simpler design, it still uses the same pump and seal used on GRABO’s industrial vacuums. It takes two hours to fully charge the battery, but it can run for a full hour without stop.

The easy operation and suction features make GRABO a needed additional to any construction worker’s toolbox.

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