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What do people think about the Nemo GRABO on Amazon?

Nemo GRABO was released in February 2019 by Nemo Power Tools to help workers work more efficiently and not at the detriment of their health. Unlike other suction lifters, the Nemo GRABO is an electronically automated vacuum lifter making it the first of its kind. It is a vacuum power handy tool that has changed how lifting, moving, fitting is done in the industry. 

Because of its many brilliant features, Nemo GRABO is ranked as one of the top-selling tools on Amazon in 2020. With nearly a five-star rating on Amazon, GRABO has been successfully distributed in over 40 countries, and we are looking to expand into more localities and countries. With it being the first of its kind, no competition, and an excellent distribution and partnership network, GRABO fast became the industry's most sought-after tool with a gross amount of $65000 in total revenue in 2020 alone. GRABO is such an innovative technology and has helped many professionals.

See what some of them had to say after using the Nemo GRABo for the first time

An excellent tool – Karl Kauffman

"Had borrowed one from a friend last winter, and it worked well. I bought my own for a specific project I was doing. This tool works excellent. I laid a 175 sq. ft. stone floor (about 50 - 24" x24"x1 1/4" stones and cuts). The stones weigh about 50 lbs and have a rough thermal finish. The GRABO lifted with no problem. I was showing it to a carpenter, and even on a plywood wall, I could not pull it off. Highly recommend this tool.
Also, only used half the battery life over the two days of setting the stones."

I was skeptical, but boy was I wrong – Jeremy Johnson

"Ordered this last week after doing a glass install job. Did a bunch of research on different options. This seemed like the most advanced option. I, of course, was a little skeptical that it would work as good as it was shown. I opened it up and went into an apartment I'm renting currently. Stuck it to the side of the fridge and was easily able to lift one side with no issues. I have shown it to a fellow tradesman who is thinking of purchasing a set or two for his quartz business. He was so impressed within a couple of minutes of operation time. I even tried to pick up our one homemade air scrubber. It weighs around 85lbs. The top is rough plywood and was covered in dust. After the machine sucked itself down, it was no problem to pick up. After a quick blowdown, we managed to pick it up without the motor on (this being despite the manufacturer instructions to keep the motor going on porous materials) to see if it could live up to the hype. Very impressed and will recommend it to anyone I can."

  • Quality construction – Harry H

    "I am more of a tool collector than a professional user. I would classify this tool's construction as excellent. It is a solid product, not flimsy, with durable materials used in its construction. I don't regret purchasing this GRABO. I only gave it four stars because I had not used it other than to test it out when I first received it. It picks up one half of a completely filled VHS/DVD wood cabinet, 12-inch Deep x 48-inch Wide x 36 inch High. I am impressed!"

    Worth every dollar – SweetMajik

    "My Nemo GRABO came today, and I have been very excited to try this tool out. I work as a union carpenter, so there are many different applications of work I could use this for, from drywall, lumber even exterior building panels. I also have a side handyman business where I take just about any type of work, and the Nemo is gonna be right there with my helping move furniture and appliances to tile and door glass panes. The tool came securely tucked into cutout styrofoam with a battery charger, two batteries, a replacement air filter and a base foam sealing pad. Both batteries were only partially charged, so I gave each one about an hour in the charger, as the company suggests. There is a red and green light in the charger base letting you know when you ready to go.
    Once all charged up, it was about 8 pm, and I didn't feel like running into the cold outside to try out the Nemo GRABO. So I improvised and stuck the Grabo on my kitchen textured wall, hit the button to induce vacuum, which is extremely quick and then grabbed with both hands and lifted my legs off the ground. The GRABO did not move at all, even with all 230 lbs of me hanging off it. It was a great first impression of the tool in use. It could not be any easier to use a vacuum button, release the air button and power on and off. As of this review, I'm going to suggest you buy this. Even my wife was impressed and asked if she could use it when needed. I highly recommend the tool."

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