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Essential Maintenance of your vacuum slab lifter

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Vacuum slab lifter aids the handling of concrete and stone products. GRABO vacuum slab lifter for sale is perfect for landscaping, gardening or laying heavier floor tiles. 

Here are some essential maintenance tips to help promote, enhance, performance and extended service life for your vacuum slab lifter for sale

If these maintenance tips are followed diligently, it will help prolong the service life of your vacuum lifter. 

The first on the maintenance tip is storage. The vacuum slab lifter should be stored in a flat position according to the manual instruction that comes with the lifter. It should remain in the original unopened packaged boxes that the vacuum slab lifter came with. When you want to remove your vacuum slab lifter for sale, you should do so with caution. If stored properly, the likelihood of damage when you want to extract your device from the box is limited. 

In the case of prolonged storage, i.e. when the vacuum slab lifter will not be in use for a very long time, operators should read the manual instruction as the vacuum slab lifter comes with instructions for storage over a long period, especially to avoid wear and tear of the device. The lubricating part of the vacuum slab lifter may deteriorate, so following the instructions is essential. 

The cleanliness of the GRABO lifter is also very essential. All vacuum slab lifters for sale should be kept clean to avoid contamination or corrosion, as this can shorten the life of any GRABO device. 

Follow proper mounting procedures, and avoid the usage of the vacuum slab lifter for inappropriate activities. A lot of damages occur as a result of inappropriate installation, incorrect fitting tools or poor fitting. When a vacuum slab is ready to be used, the operator should confirm that it is properly mounted. The environment is clean, with no external device lying around carelessly. All safety precautions should be in place. 

Maintenance tips for manufacturers 

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These few tips are for the already manufactured vacuum slab lifter for sale or other devices in your warehouse that is yet to be sold.  With simple Maintenance, you can rest assured about the safety and efficiency of all the devices in your warehouse. This will make sure that all your devices are ready for shipment at every point in time. You must make safety a priority as one mishap can lead to damage and loss of profit. 

You must be mindful of plugs, outlets and wires. If you notice any frayed wires inside the warehouse, make sure to replace them before they cause shocks or fire. Ideally, you should turn off, unplug and cut the power. Get a professional to help replace damaged wires.

Another tip is to schedule routine professional checkups. If the devices have been in the warehouse for an extended time, you must check to see if they are still functioning correctly. It would help if you did this a=s to avoid shipping out damaged devices or a device that has been tampered with. Anyone who had access to the warehouse may have tampered with any devices throughout the storage, and you might be unaware of the device. Schedule routine doesn’t mean that the manufactured devices are not up to standard. It just means that anyone could have tampered with the device, and you, as a manufacturer, will want to carry out due diligence.

Being unprepared and shipping out a damaged device can be very dangerous for the reputation of your business, so it is better to carry out your due diligence to avoid any blowback.  

Ensure that the checkups are scheduled at the interval, and it is both practical and economical. 

Another overlooked, but essential tip is record keeping.  A simple way to carry out proper record keeping is to keep the record by using an up-to-date card system or a logbook to keep track. It is an easier way of keeping track of what equipment has been sold when it was sold and the equipment still in the warehouse. A logbook can also be used to keep a record of your scheduled maintenance routine. Record keeping will help you keep track of all that is going on in and out of your warehouse. It will also serve as a reminder of all the activities that need to be carried out.

Another point to keep in mind is that it is imperative that you backup your record keeping. In case of memory loss or any mishap, it is vital that you backup your record keeping. Record-keeping should not just be in one place or preferably done by one person to be on the safe side. Record keeping can also be used to store customer feedback. 


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Essential Maintenance of vacuum slab lifter for sale helps ensure prolong usage of the device. Both a buyer or a manufacturer must keep in mind that safety is a priority. Also, patronizing a reliable manufacturer like GRABO that carries out all due diligence on all their device ensures that you are getting good value for your money. 

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