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Why people love the GRABO Nemo power tools

GRABO Nemo power tools are the most exciting tools in the power industry. It is a revolutionary way to lift and handle tiles, glass, wood, timber, plywood, drywall, and so much more. It is handheld, and it is designed to reduce physical exertion, workload and safely handle construction materials. The GRABO Nemo power tools transform how heavy lifting and cumbersome moving and Installation tasks are being carried out. It is also designed for flooring, carpenters, glass installers, construction workers and other professional. Here below are a few unique qualities of the GRABO Nemo power tools that make it stand out.


A lot of thought went into the design of the GRABO Nemo power tools. It comes with a battery for normal functioning and also comes with an extra for backup. It also comes with a strap that you hang around your neck that makes moving around very easy. The GRABO Nemo power tools are wireless, which means you can move around freely without any obstruction; you don't have to worry about location or positioning because you can walk around freely with your GRABO nemo power tool. 

GRABO Nemo power tools also come with a charging cable, and all this comes in a well packaged tool box that houses all the equipment and serves as a good storage place for after use. It is only by patronizing a manufacturer like GRABO that you get all these qualities.

Lifting capacity and Installation

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The GRABO Nemo power tool can lift as high as 375 pounds, making it such a very versatile tool. You are not limited with the type of weight to lift. Before buying a lifter, you should be aware of the capacity of the weight you intend to lift relative to the capacity of the lifter. Buying a lifter from GRABO guarantees that you are buying a lifter with high capacity, and therefore, you are not limited in any way, even if there is a change in the weight you intend to lift. GRABO Nemo power tools can be used to install porcelain tiles, glass and other components of glass, it can be used for heavy countertop installation. It also works well on rough surfaces. It comes with a pressure gauge that helps with easy Installation. It helps to pick up and move your large glass panel. With GRABO Nemo power tools, you need fewer hands. It is very flexible, and only one person can operate it, saving you time and cost. It is sturdy and well built.

GRABO is a very thoughtful manufacturer, taking into account all the needs of their customers. Here are a few reviews. It is not enough to list all the qualities of a suitable device, a testimonial of good craftsmanship is quality on its own. GRABO is a manufacturing company that values hard work, dedication and prioritize the needs of their customer. Here are excerpts from what GRABO tested and trusted customers have to say about their GRABO Nemo power tools.

Personnel from the hardscape industry says, "we use it in our business for placing step tread, wall caps and pillar caps, and pool coping by using one GRABO unit on each end. This makes it easy for us to have two guys on one unit to pick up and place the product without worrying about their fingers griped at the edges while placing them." He further states, "whether you want to save your fingers or you just want to create a handle for those large and awkward pieces of drywall or plywood that you need to pick up, the GRABO can be of use in your business." 

Another reviewer couldn't stop raving about the two batteries that allow you always to have one ready to go and ensure you do not run out of power on a job site. The replacement foam seals ensure that if your seal shows signs of wear and tear or you notice a difference in the suction ability of the GRABO, you can replace it and have it continue working for you. The bulk of the review talks about the quality of the GRABO Nemo power tools, while others review the efficiency of the devices and the time and money it saves them. You must read the review of a product from previous buyers, giving you an insight into the product. This is the best form of research you can carry out when buying a product because it ensures honesty and transparency. 


Buying from a tested and trusted manufacturer ensures that you are getting good value for your money. Reading reviews of the product gives you an insight. GRABO prioritizes their customers' needs, which is evident in the review and the packaging; with GRABO, you get extra batteries, storage boxes, and a lot more. Only a manufacturer that prioritizes customer needs will give you all these and more. 


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