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Buy time with our double cup lifter

GRABO is an electronic device that uses a suction cup mechanism to hold and lift objects carefully. It is the world's first double cup lifter. It employs the suction mechanism to firmly attach itself to surfaces and is used to lift objects.


A vacuum cup, also known as a suction cup or sucker, utilizes the negative pressure of air or water to stick to surfaces (nonporous) by creating a partial vacuum. It is used in many devices and instruments mainly to lift, hold or attach materials to surfaces.


When you press a vacuum cup onto a surface, the air inside it is pushed out, eliminating the pressure inside the suction cup, thus creating a vacuum that seals the cup tightly to the surface.

The cup comes off when the air pressure on the outside becomes lower than the air pressure inside the suction area. As it releases its hold on the surface, it makes a pop sound indicating the rush of air into the vacuum.

Many devices and instruments have been invented using the suction mechanism; from the local type made from gourds by Hippocrates used for drawing out bad blood from patients, to nursing attachment for mothers, to darts, frame holders, glass lifters, and more recently, the GRABO showing its significance when utilized across different sectors and industries.


Nemo Power Tools takes the old model of lifters and their method of functionality, improves on it, and the GRABO is produced; a vph 150 lifter powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows it to automatically induce the amount of pressure needed to hold the material firmly.


GRABO gives a wholesome automated experience

Unlike other vacuum cup lifters, the GRABO is operated electronically. You no longer have to turn manually to create a vacuum inside the suction lifter manually; the GRABO does that automatically.  Pressure can be maintained even when the device is switched off.

GRABO makes sure your work is neater and faster

Imagine being a tiler and having to use your hands to pick up and arrange each tile to fit as well as possible. Many times, the tiles don't align as seamlessly as you will want them to and therefore end up swollen, with cement spills or even cracked. Using a GRABO reduces the latter's chances, giving room for increased productivity and more efficient work. Using the GRABO is like finding the missing piece of a puzzle, making work more flexible and fun for users. It can be used for light and heavy work

GRABO can be used anywhere to lift various objects of different materials. It can be used professionally for construction work, woodwork, glass installations, or simple tasks at home, like settling up a bookshelf or cupboard. It can also lift heavy materials. It is made with PA6, a lightweight plastic that makes it easy for users to handle it efficiently and lift 375lbs.

GRABO comes in three different models

Nemo Power Tools not only gave us the GRABO but also three options to choose from. We have the Nemo GRABO, GRABO Pro-Lifter 20, and GRABO H, all having their unique functions with exceptional strengths.

With a weight of 3.3Lbs (1.6kg), the Nemo GRABO has a mechanical gauge with a protective rubber cover and is suitable for all surface types. It can lift a maximum weight of 375lbs (170kg). It also comes with an extra rubber seal and battery. The Nemo GRABO is the ideal lifting equipment for a building project.



The GRABO Pro-lifter 20 has a more complex design with a net weight of 3.2lbs and a maximum lifting capacity of 375lbs (170kg), the same as the Nemo GRABO. It comes with an innovative digital pressure sensor, an automatic stop function, and a digital display. It also comes with an additional rubber seal and valuable for all surface types. One outstanding feature of this model is calculating its maximum holding force for a particular material. It does this by multiplying the pressure and surface area of the material. Another feature is that the GRABO Pro-Lifter 20 can still hold pressure on the surface even if the battery is taken out.

GRABO H, which is the least of the three, is suitable for menial tasks and hobbies. It is suitable for all surfaces but has a much smaller lifting capacity when compared to the Nemo GRABO and GRABO Pro-Lifter 20. Battery capacity is also smaller and therefore can only be used for lesser duty operations and lifting. It doesn't have an automatic stop function, display, and pressure gauge


GRABO comes with a lifting attachment and other accessories

One of the goals of making GRABO is to ensure safety and reduce work-related injuries. Therefore, we went ahead to make a complimentary lifting attachment that helps you operate the GRABO without bending. This tool is the Erguo S1 Attachment. It is user-friendly, and its four lifting lugs fit into the device. It has an actuator on the handlebar, which controls the operations of the lifting attachment. The Erguo S1 can be used with the Nemo GRABO and GRABO Pro-lifter 20 but not with the GRABO H, which is designed for simpler and short-term use.


GRABO has a replaceable rubber seal

You don't have to buy a new GRABO lifter when the rubber seal of the previous wears out. Each GRABO comes with two pieces of detachable rubber seals (one attached to the GRABO and the other detached).

These and many more are the reasons you should get a GRABO. With distributors all over the world, the tool is easily accessible. New models are being worked on by Nemo Power Tools as our mission still stand; to keep innovating tools that make work more comfortable and safer for professionals, therefore, changing the frontiers of each industry

double cup lifter
Buy time with our double cup lifter