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How GRABO takes the Vaculex vacuum lifter up a notch

Suppose you grew up entertained by the marvel cinematic universe or DC world of superheroes and metaphysical beings. In that case, you are familiar with that desire to be super, something beyond what your eyes could see at the time. You know, laser-shooting eyes, the speed of The Flash, the tasso of truth of Wonder Woman, the accuracy of Hawk-Eye, and much more.  As a child, you probably took a cloth, tied it around your neck, imitating superman's cape, and ran around your home, combating an imaginary villain and saving the city. 

The human being is capable of anything, and when groomed in suitable condition and accompanied with the proper facilities, there is no telling what the human mind can do.  GRABO, the world's first electronic double cup lifter, not only increases your productivity but also gives you that superhuman feeling, unstoppable and atop the world.

Handling the GRABO for the first time, I felt superb! I could lift anything; well, almost anything. For every moment I used the GRABO, I felt like Thor, the God of Thunder or maybe Captain America, worthy enough to lift Mjolnir (Thor's hammer) and also wield the power of the God of thunder.

It was amazing! Like a child, I could dream again, and that was exciting. Well, dreams are free, and most importantly, dreams do come through if fueled right.

At that moment, I felt the adrenaline rush through my blood, and I was saving the earth, lifting one stone at a time. It was an ecstatic feeling.


Life is easier with GRABO.

The primary motive of technology is to make life easier for the human race in any way it can. Change is a constant thing in life, and innovation is a constant thing in the technological world. From times past, we see a consistent evolution in the technological world; cars to replace horses which replaced human legs to aid transportation, air conditioners to replace hand fans making the temperature more conducive for human survival, robots to aid humans anyway they can, and now Nemo Power Tools innovated GRABO; the first automated vaculex vacuum lifter to makes lifting objects easier.

GRABO is for anyone and everyone

An outstanding feature of GRABO is that it can be used indoors and outdoors and by all people, male and female. Whether you are a construction expert or not, this double cup lifter will come in handy even in daily activities. Say you wanted to build a treehouse for your son, it could be tiring lifting all the planks of wood needed with your hands all by yourself, but with GRABO, construction can be more fun and less tiring. GRABO is also very safe to use. Its double cup suction mechanism and removable rubber seal induce enough pressure to hold materials firmly enough. Presently, it comes in three models, Nemo GRABO, GRABO H, and the GRABO Pro-lifter, which has a more sophisticated design that calculates the object's weight before it is lifted. 

Has a classic design, and it easy to handle

One of the pros of the GRABO is that it is made with lightweight plastic. I mean, why make a lifter any heavier right? It comes in a carrier bag for easy translocation, and it is portable enough to be handled by a young adult and strong enough to elevate weights as large as 375lbs. 

The GRABO is a superhuman tool, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers it. The battery is strong enough to last a day's work. The device can be powered off while the hold on the material is maintained.

GRABO can be used in various fields of expertise ranging from construction to logistics, interior decoration, carpentry, plumbing, tiling, and much more. It can also be used for various materials like concrete, wood, cobblestone, cement, metal, marble, and glass.

What's more?

GRABO comes with various accessories to aid lifting materials, making it easier and faster. For example, the Erguo S1 attachment, when used in conjunction with the Nemo GRABO or GRABO Pro-lifter 20, will lift a large object without bending.

Users don't have to strain their backs by repeatedly bending to pick up materials with the suction lifter. The attachment holds the GRABO as it lifts materials of various shapes and sizes, speeding up the moving process.

They say, "whatever you set your mind to can be achieved." Well, the vaculex vacuum lifter is proof that anything is possible

GRABO is a breath of fresh air, a relief from strained backs, safety from injuries, and surety of neat and durable work done.

Physics says that no machine is 100% efficient, but GRABO is testing those limits.

We may not have the thunder controlling ability of Thor, the agility of Hulk, or the brains of Iron Man, but we have ourselves, our dreams, and our minds. We have our ideas, innovations, and creativity, which has helped the human race from time to evolve to what it is now. Television, social media, electricity were all invented by people who dared to think outside the box. Nemo Power Tools is not left out; we engaged our creative energies and designed GRABO. So yes, we are super people creating super tools to do super work!

Nemo Power Tools invented the first automatic suction cup lifter, but we also initiated the chain reaction to more innovative creations. Equipment and tools that empower the average man with the power to get more work done. Yes, men can be like children once again and dream as wide and far as they desire.

GRABO is our super element. 


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