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The portable vph 150 slab lifter, and its utilities

The GRABO VPH 150 slab lifter is a revolutionary, battery-powered, professional slab lifter for simple and easy lifting, moving, and positioning of stones and slabs. It is highly absorbent and independent of the power supply system.

GRABO is the best thing that can happen to anyone in construction, engineering, and other careers involved in lifting, installing, moving, and the likes. With its sophisticated and portable design, GRABO is taking the world by storm.

Lifting objects is an intricate part of our existence because the use of our hands is an innate attribute and necessary for survival.  Either as simple as lifting food into our mouths, writing in a book, sharing a handshake, or as intense as moving a plank of wood, or fitting window panes, our hands play a consistent role in our lives. Still, they are constantly strained and hurt from continuous rigorous work. Then came the vacuum lifter employing the mode of operation of a suction cup to grip and move objects. Although our fingers were still in use, the work got easier, and lifting became quicker. 

Fast forward into the 21st century, GRABO comes to change our world. It is a complete change in the existing caliber of tools and the construction industry. With an automatically activated vacuum pump and rechargeable battery, the slab lifter just took it up a whole notch. The brilliant VPH 150 slab lifter was designed for trade workers, landscapers, constructors, movers, and even homemakers. It is a mobile device and ergonomically designed, making it suitable for a host of materials; concrete slabs, natural stones, tiles, and other absorbent building materials.



Consisting the GRABO is a vacuum pump, a mechanical pressure gauge that works hand in hand with its rubber seal to vacuum when the tool is pressed to the wall or surface. Its rechargeable battery automatically powers it. The pump can run continuously or at intermittent stops depending on the user.


The VPH 150 slab lifter is powered by a high density, rechargeable, and replaceable lithium-ion battery, strong enough to run for one and a half to two hours. The GRABO beats other manually powered vacuum lifters and therefore increases productivity by a large percentage. 


It is also a portable tool. Its choice of raw materials makes it easy to manage and use. It is made with PA6, a lightweight plastic, so the GRABO weighs 3.0lbs on average, with net weight varying for each model available.  In its full kit comes with a manual to guide you on the technical know-how of GRABO.

GRABO comes in 3 fantastic models!

GRABO comes in three (3) models presently; The Nemo GRABO, The GRABO Pro-lifter 20, and GRABO H.

The Nemo GRABO has a net weight of 3.3Lbs (1.6kg). It is suitable for all surface types and comes with a mechanical gauge with a protective rubber cover. Nemo GRABO can lift a maximum weight of 375lbs (170kg).  It comes in a full kit comprising an extra rubber seal and battery, a handbook to guide its use, and a carry bag for translocation with ease. The Nemo GRABO is the ideal tool for a building project. It also has four lugs by its sides to attach it to a lifting accessory like the Erguo S1.

GRABO Pro-lifter 20 has a more sophisticated design and a net weight of 3.2lbs. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 375lbs, the same as Nemo GRABO. It comes with a smart digital pressure sensor, an automatic stop function, and a digital display. In its kit also comes an extra rubber seal, and it is suitable for all surface types. One catchy feature of this model is that it can automatically calculate its maximum holding force for an object. It does this by multiplying the pressure and surface area of the material.

Another unique thing is that GRABO Pro-Lifter 20 can still hold pressure even after the battery is taken out. This vacuum lifter can also be accompanied by a lifting attachment, especially for heavy objects. This is done by screwing the device to the four lifting lugs by its sides, and you are good to go.

GRABO H is the least of the three and is more suitable for smaller duty jobs and menial tasks. It is suitable for all surfaces but has a much smaller lifting capacity when compared to Nemo GRABO and GRABO Pro-Lifter 20. Battery capacity is also smaller and therefore can only be used for home-like duties and hobbies. It doesn’t have an automatic stop function, no digital display, and no pressure gauge.

Say a concrete slab was knocked off the road into your driveway, lifting it off with your hands is an option, but instead of ending up with bruised fingers and a strained back after, GRABO H will be ideal for lifting the slabs in this situation and in no minute you are done.

GRABO H does not have lifted lugs by its sides as Nemo GRABO and GRABO Pro-lifter 20 have; therefore, it cannot be used with a lifting attachment like the Erguo S1.

For more comparison details between the three models, check here at www.grabo.com.


GRABO is easily accessible and available from a licensed dealer near you. All units are solely assembled by Nemo Power Tools and undergo thorough quality control testing. So, you can be at rest because we give value every time. Apart from the fact that it is easy to handle, GRABO ensures the satisfaction of a meticulous job done in record time. Gone are the days we have to work so hard to get so little done or workers constantly putting themselves in harm’s way just to earn a living. GRABO ensures a safer work experience always.

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