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How the GRABO Vacuum lifter redifines babaric

What comes to mind when you think of a Barbarian? A rusty fellow, covered in rag clothes and with muscles indicating how strong and ruthless they can be, a facial expression that says "I don't care," and full of pride. Well, many adjectives qualify a barbarian, but for this, we will focus on "ruthless" and "strength" because these are the exact words that come to mind when I think of GRABO. This electronic vacuum lifter has changed the way lifting is done in this age.

With a record-breaking strength, enough to lift objects as large as 375lbs, and its cruel way of executing lifting, making it less strenuous, neater, and faster, GRABO is the new gold.


It is an electronic barbaric vacuum lifter that employs the use of suction cups to lift objects. It is operated automatically, coming with an in-built mechanical pressure gauge and vacuum pump. GRABO is powered by a rechargeable and removable lithium-ion battery, powerful enough to run for 90 minutes non-stop.  Its pressure gauge is covered by a rubber seal used to induce the vacuum when pressed on a surface.


We all know that the goal of technology or any invention is to make living on Earth more conducive for humanity. There is always a way to do things easier and more efficiently, and GRABO fills that gap.

The device "vacuum lifter" is not new in our industry. It has been used as far back as the 1900s, but certain limitations characterized this equipment and made it more of a burden than a solution. Some of these limitations are

The suction lifters are weighty and often an additional load on the already heavy object.

Say you want to lift a metal of 200lbs using a suction lifter that weighs about 80lbs, that is a total of 280lbs for just one hand to lift. Imagine the strain in the hand muscles and reaching farther into the spine. Such consistent stress could lead to permanent health damage, but with GRABO, which has a net weight of 3.3lbs, you can lift weights over a wide range.

The choice of raw material used to design GRABO is the reason for its jaw-dropping weight. We decided to go with a light and easy-to-handle material and at the same time strong enough to lift enormous weights, and a plastic material PA6 was the perfect blend for what we wanted to achieve. Its ergonomic design makes it very portable and easy to manage.

The vacuum is induced by the manual winding of the lifter's handle. As much as the manual vacuum lifter served workers well, using it was time-consuming. Workers first have to ensure the suction cups are well placed on the surface, then turn the winding continuously until a vacuum is induced, so there is enough pressure to lift the object. By the time the worker is done, he is tired and strained without even lifting the object. GRABO overcomes this by having an automatic vacuum pump installed in all models. The pump is triggered by a green button, which pumps the air between the rubber seal and the surface outside, creating the vacuum and maintaining enough pressure to hold the object. Therefore, the time usually used to turn the manual wind is maximized in lifting more objects. GRABO helps professionals save time and labor.

Hazardous work was the order of the day.

Sometimes, the suction cups are not as efficient as they ought to be; worn out from repetitive use or misuse, the rubber can reach its elastic limit or have a tear in it. A worker unaware of this but goes ahead to use the lifter is dangerous and accident-prone. The object could drop unexpectedly, hurting the worker and leading to death.

When you put on the vacuum pump, it makes a rumbling sound indicating that the air between the object's surface and the rubber seal is being pumped out. If the sound continues unnecessarily, then it indicates that there are air leaks or the material is too porous to be lifted. If the sound stops, it shows that the vacuum has been induced successfully and the object is ready to be lifted.

Also, you can leave the vacuum pump running as its continuous action ensures that pressure is maintained in case of air leaks due to the presence of a foreign object.

It is important to note that all GRABO tools and accessories are assembled initially and curated by Nemo Power Tools and not outsourced to a third-party factory. We pay close attention to detail, and every tool undergoes quality testing before released into the market. So, you can be assured that you get the best of the best every time.


The sole purpose of designing GRABO is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our customers. You are important to us, and we go the extra mile to ensure a wholesome GRABO experience for you.

GRABO comes in a complete kit

The barbaric vacuum lifter comes in a complete kit comprising the tool with the in-built pressure gauge, rubber seal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a 4-in-1 multi-socket charger, and a fabric carrier bag for easy packaging a manual to guide your use of the tool. It also comes with an extra battery and rubber seal. These parts are easily replaceable when worn out.

Up to 1- year warranty!

Secondly, every GRABO comes with a warranty and one year limited for Nemo GRABO and GRABO Pro-lifter 20 and 6 months for GRABO H. Although we pride ourselves in our excellence, we still understand there may be some malfunction, so any damaged product can be shipped back to the company for repairs and corrections.

Register your GRABO and get extra benefits!

Want to add more protection to your tool or extend your warranty timeline, then register your GRABO. Buy from a licensed dealer and gain access to years of benefits and assurance against accidents and damage.

How to Register

Every GRABO comes with a serial number original and unique to it. Go to the website at www.grabo.com, fill out the registration form with your details, and you are good to go.

Everyone deserves a GRABO!


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