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GRABO vs Manzelli - Which is the better option for 2021

They are both producers of power-operated tools and reputable brands known for producing high-quality and reliable tools. The GRABO brand first began its journey in the year 2010 at first with the manufacturing of power tools. Much later in the year 2014, with the launch of mass-market power tools, their product range was increased to include heavy-duty equipment, several models of drills, angle grinders, impact wrenches, impact drivers and hammer drills.

It was not until 2019 that Nimo Rotem patented GRABO. GRABO brought about a revolution, especially in the construction industry. A revolutionized heavy lifting equipment and the first of its kind with its unmatched work efficiency, build quality, design simplicity making it a must-have not only for professional use but for DIYers and hobbyists. The Manzeli brand, on the other hand, The Manzeli brand can be said to have been around for as long as 150 years.

The brand has a unique made in Italy style for which it’s respected and makes its style and designs unique. Although they are different brands, they can be said to share certain traits that make them stand out amongst their competition and vacuum lifting market. Both brands have in common that they not only improve job safety but are also leading producers in the vacuum lifting industry. They help reduce breakage and damage that may arise as a result of moving delicate materials such as glass panels and are a big step into reducing health hazards and bone injuries As a result of lifting.

Manzeli manufactures a range of vacuum equipment semi-mobile machinery, such as lifting trolleys, mobile cranes, cranes mounted on lorries.

Manzelli vacuum lifter

The manzeli brand ages as far back as 150 years, they have evolved and grown over the years and can be said to be one among the leading brands in the vacuum industry with its limitations it only to the vacuum industry but also has itself deeply rooted in the glass, wood, metal, wood and glass metal sheets packaging with our focus on ease of use and safety. With enough years of evolving, the brand is available in many countries such as Europe to the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Israel, U.A.E., Russia, China, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Nemo GRABO lifter, on the other hand, may not have been around for so long but makes up for it with its amazing vacuum lifters technology.

The Nemo Grabo brand outshines every other handheld vacuum unit with a key feature incorporated into its vacuum lifting operation. Other vacuum lifters can only work on smooth, flat, and non-porous surfaces. This limits the use of the lifters and their operations. However, the Grabo lifters work not with flat and smooth surfaces but also with edged and porous surfaces.

To keep it simple, it can lift almost any type of material; smooth or rough,  it easily picks up the materials without stress. Making use of the suction principle, the grip game can be compared to none. The suction ability or intensity, so to speak, is highly dependent on the material that is to be lifted.

Weight is also a factor that affects the suction ability, so you should do well to read the manual to see the lifter’s capacity.

“The vacuum lifters (Nemo GRABO, and Nemo H) are hand-held portable lifters. It is particularly convenient to use due to its size and portability. The brand is also accessible on online markets such as Amazon, eBay, and a host of others. This alternative makes it easier for those who don’t have distributors in their region to purchase the product.

The device is battery operated, hence cutting down cost on electric bills, unlike the other bands which have to be plugged in to be used. The device is also simple to use, and a vacuum is initiated just with a simple push of a button. Each lifter comes with its weight capacity to avoid overweight which can result in accidents.

The GRABO brand can be seen to be centered around portability, ease of use, and its uniqueness (the ability to lift non-porous materials). The brand has won the hearts of many users and, with a client base around the world, has built quite an impressive link with distributors worldwide.

GRABO’s brand is a popular name when it comes to the construction industry, the glass industry, and even in some homes.

The Nemo H is more for personal use than industrial use. It is suitable for Diys such as constructing your bed frames out of crates etc. 

So whatever the purpose for your vacuum lifters, there’s a GRABO product for you to use.

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