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Accessibility of Nemo GRABO on Amazon


The Nemo Grabo is an electric suction cup that is used for lifting any material of choice. It is known to be the world's first-ever portable vacuum lifter.

The GRABO brand began its journey in the year 2010 at first with the manufacturing of power tools. Much later in the year 2014, with the launch of mass-market power tools, their product range was increased to include heavy-duty equipment, several models of drills, angle grinders, impact wrenches, impact drivers and hammer drills.

It was not until 2019 that Nimo Rotem patented GRABO. GRABO brought about a revolution, especially in the construction industry. A revolutionized heavy lifting equipment and the first of its kind with its unmatched work efficiency, build quality, design simplicity making it a must-have not only for professional use but for DIYers and hobbyists.

These unique features of the device soon made it a best seller in many countries around the world, with distributors in different countries. Asides from the physical stores' online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and the likes soon keyed into the sale of the GRABO devices due to the high demands for the GRABO tools.

The Nemo GRABO, just like the other lifters, the product family is a handheld portable vacuum lifter that is ideal for lifting tiles, wood, glass, metals, stone, and other materials. With a maximum vacuum capacity of 11.6 psi and an optimum lifting capacity of loads as heavy as 375lbs or 170kg.

Another feature that led to its break in the market is its ability to still create vacuum even on porous surfaces and the fact that it is lightweight and easy to carry around, making it a game-changer in the building and construction industry.

There is also ease of use, simply turn on the Nemo GRABO and place it on the surface to be lifted. To get maximum lifting results, simply leave the vacuum pump activated while moving or lifting the load.

Amazon is a major dealer and distributor in the sale of GRABO products worldwide, and not only do they sell the whole range but the accessories as well. Let's take a look into their prices in different countries on the Amazon platform.

Other Nemo accessories available on the platforms across different countries include the battery, bag, and KIT.

Reviews from previous users are also available on the site with a customer review rating of 5 stars. The product comes with two batteries, a Cloth bag, a charger, two replacement rubber Foam Sea, filter cotton components. And a one year warranty and has an after-sale service in the USA. 

They are usually several offers on the Amazon site, with the Amazon choice being the best fit among the offers.


A review from a customer reads, "my Nemo GRABO came today; I have been very excited to try this tool out. I work as a union carpenter, so there are many different applications of work I could use this for, from drywall, lumber even exterior building panels. I also have a side handyman business where I take just about any type of work, and the Nemo is going to be right there with my helping move furniture and appliances to tile and door glass panes. The tool came securely tucked into cutout Styrofoam with a battery charger, two batteries, a replacement air filter, and a base foam sealing pad. Both batteries were only partially charged, so I gave each one about an hour in the charger as the company suggests; there is a red and green light in the charger base letting you know when you ready to go. Once all charged up, It was about 8 pm, and I didn't feel like running into the cold outside to try out the Nemo Grabo. So I improvised and stuck the Grabo on my kitchen wall with its textured hit the button to vacuum, which is extremely quick, and then grabbed with both hands and lifted my legs off the ground. The Grabo did not move at all, even with all 230lbs of me hanging off it. This was a great first impression of the tool in use. It could not be any easier to use a vacuum button, release air button, and power on and off. As of this review, I'm going to suggest you buy this; even my wife was impressed and asked if she could use it when needed. I highly recommend the tool."

 The Nemo GRABO is available in the following countries on amazon.

  • The united states of America

  • Canada

  • Japan

  • Brazil

  • Netherlands

  • Germany 

  • Spain

Having the GRABO brand available on online market platforms such as amazon makes the lifter accessible to people in different countries as Amazon ships to several countries (shipping fee might be included upon purchase), and having a GRABO tool to yourself simply becomes a click away.

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