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Lifting devices allow the vertical movement of people, and/or goods. There is a wide range of lifting devices, suited to different situations, uses, vertical distances, and loads.


Stone Suction Cups are easy to use. Suction is created by single-handedly pulling handles together. When released, suction is lost.

Suction Cup Lifters make it safe and simple to lift or move smooth non-porous materials including glass, metal, raised floor tiles, plastic sheets, polished stone, countertops, and much more by giving you a handle where one is needed.

These Suction Cups allow you to move items more effectively and securely. Highly recommended and widely used among our customers.

Among its main features, we find:

  • Easy to use

  • Suction is created by single-handedly pulling handles together Lightweight aluminum body

  • 110 lbs capacity per cup

  • Available in single, double, triple, and quadruple cups.

Suction Cups Vacuum Lifter for Glass Marble Granite Eword PB300

Suction Cups Vacuum Lifter for Glass Marble Granite adapted electricity battery. Its movable function helps people handle or transport glass indoors with ease, unload glass from the truck, glass installation indoors, and curved glass, such as bus glass, windshield glass, and so on.

Electricity volt switch meter can show the volt left inside the battery to let the worker know he needs to charge the battery or not, and it can avoid any mistake operation such as power cut, glass falling off. We already got EU, CE standard.


Suction Cups Vacuum Lifter for Glass Marble Granite use for glass loading, unloading from truck or glazing for bus, train, moving, curved glass, and so on.


Suction Cups Vacuum Lifter for Glass Marble Granite With powered 90°tilting, continuous 360°rotation, suited for big-sized glass handling in the workshop and heavy-duty installation outdoors

  • It can rotate right/left and incline vertically up to 90 degrees.

  • It sucks the glass by sucker cup with electricity battery,

  • Stable performance, easy to maintain, efficient, safe, quick, easy.

  • Curved Bus Glass Vacuum Lifting Equipment.

Single Claw Sucker Vacuum Suction Cup

  1. Perfect Design: The suction cup lifter features a single-stroke pump action for convenience, durable aluminum handles, and an impact-resistant housing to withstand work site abuse.

  2. Wide Application: This handy suction cup lifter is an excellent dent puller as well as the ideal tool for moving flat objects in any home garage or professional body shop!

  3. So Easy Operation: Everybody can make dent removal after taking a little time to learn the dent repair process, DIY anytime & anywhere.

  4. Environment Friendly: No chemicals or other toxic materials are used in this process.

Specifications :

Great for lifting glasses, handling glasses, sheet metal, and plane surface materials. There are aluminum alloy suction cups and plastic suction cups, please choose according to your needs.

Vacuum suction cups are available in different shapes, each suitable for different gripping surfaces:

Standard: suitable for flat and slightly undulating and domed surfaces. This type of vacuum suction cups can grip workpieces very quickly, thanks to their low overall height and small internal volume. Their flat shape gives them good stability as well as the ability to withstand lateral forces and rapid acceleration. The typical applications of standard vacuum suction cups include smooth or slightly rough workpieces such as glass, metal, and plastic parts.

Bellows: suitable for beveled, domed, round, large surfaces and pliable workpieces because of their ability to compensate for uneven surfaces. Bellows vacuum suction cups provide damping for handling delicate workpieces, such as glass bottles or lightbulbs. Other common applications include electronic components, blister packs, and injection-molded plastic parts.

Oval: suitable for slim, oblong workpieces such as profiles and pipes. Despite their relatively small dimensions, oval vacuum suction cups can generate higher forces than standard, circular cups, making them indispensable for handling all kinds of thin and curved objects.

Extra deep: suitable for snappy handling of round and domed workpieces. Extra deep vacuum suction cups can be seen as a compromise between standard cups, which perform best with flat, solid surfaces, and bellows cups, which can handle even heavily corrugated surfaces with a large curvature at the expense of agility.

All types of vacuum suction cups manufactured by Festo are available in many sizes, and it's advisable always to use a slightly larger cup and work at a lower level of vacuum force to ease the requirements on the vacuum pump. Not only Festo offers high-quality models. GRABO, for example, provides the best of the best for their customers. The Nemo GRABO is trending now, and that for a very good reason!

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Suction cups are used to place and remove material in and from the machine. These tools are not to be used as a point-of-operation safeguard but can be used to help keep the operator's hands out of the point of operation when loading parts.

These lifters have strengthened steel rods and oil-resistant flexible vacuum cups. They are ideal for handling plastic, metal, glass, and any other material with a smooth, non-porous surface. There are three types of lifters to choose from. The single-cup lifter is available in three cup sizes. The double-cup lifter is available in one cup size. The straight-handle lifter has a handle attached to the top of the vacuum cup and provides the user with extra reach.

When it comes to gripping and moving anything from cola cans to car fenders, vacuum cups on end-of-arm tooling are incredibly versatile devices in many automated handling systems. They come in countless types, sizes, constructions, and materials to suit widely varying applications. Here are some general engineering considerations for choosing the right one for a particular task.