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Stress-free lifting with the Suction Cup Lifting Handles

Suction cup lifting handles are built for a stress-free lifting of dry, non-porous, or any even surface objects. It is made of resilient aluminum materials that can lift heavy loads, and it has a high maximum capacity for lifting either vertical or horizontal positions. It comes with various suction cup designs and has a comfortable lifting handle; it is straightforward to clean and can lift objects with glass materials such as vinyl panels, windshields, etc.

This suction cup lifting handle is made from aluminum alloy.

The handle is rated to hold up to 220 lbs. The bar-style handle is useful for vertical and horizontal applications. For ultimate outcomes, make use of the suction cup lifting handles on a level, non-porous surface; both surface and rubber cup must be clean and free from dirt. Put pressure to handle against the surface while lifting levers; greasing cup rim with little quantity of rubber preservative or other liquid normally enhances rubber-to-surface seal and helps to enhance vacuum strength. Applying unnecessary lubrication may allow unwanted cup movement on the surface.

The suction cup lifting handle plays an essential role in the design of every vacuum-handling system. When selected correctly, vacuum suction cups can hold and manipulate a wide range of objects in many shapes, sizes, and materials. The following are tips to help you design your suction cup lifting handle properly.

Reduce the burden on Your Vacuum Pump

No matter the type of vacuum lifter you are getting, or no matter the object you want to lift with it, you should always make use of the largest vacuum suction cup that is available to reduce the burden on your vacuum pump.

A smaller vacuum suction cup needs a larger vacuum level to lift the same object. Keeping the pressure low helps ensure long pump life and greatly decreases energy requirements, since the vacuum force and the energy needed to produce that force don’t scale linearly.

Make safety your watchword.

To lift and operate an object, a vacuum-generating device is used to decrease the atmospheric pressure resident in the vacuum suction cup and generate a limited vacuum. This pressure difference (when matched with the pressure of the air around the vacuum suction cup) pushes down on the cup, squashing it against the object. At the same time, pushing the object against the inner walls of the cup due to the lower pressure.

Don’t overlook or ignore acceleration

With their speedy reaction, great accuracy, and extraordinary flexibility, suction cup lifting handles can handle a varied range of applications and significantly surpass the performance of human operators. In circumstances when high usage speeds are required, it’s vital to consider another important factor when selecting the right vacuum suction cup: acceleration, or the change in velocity of a moving object concerning time.

Acceleration is a vector, and its unit is meters per second squared, symbolized as “a.” Gravitational acceleration (symbolized as g) is approximately 9.8 m/s2, meaning that the speed of an object falling freely will increase by about 9.8 meters per second every second. The average acceleration can be calculated with the following formula: Acceleration = Velocity /


When lifting porous materials, make use of smaller cups

Even though there are benefits or significance of using large vacuum suction cups, but there are some situations where smaller cups are better, such as when working with porous materials like corrugated fiberboard or textiles.

Smaller vacuum suction cups are less susceptible to seepage than larger cups, which can lift porous materials only when combined with a high-flow pump capable of compensating for their intrinsic leakage. By using smaller cups, you can achieve the same lifting capacity while saving compressed air and energy.

Another situation when it’s preferable to make use of, four smaller vacuum suction cups instead of two larger cups is when the handling of thin metal plates and other gentle objects that could be bent or damaged if too much lifting force is focused in a single area.

Where should I get my Vacuum Handle?

There are quite many manufacturers and brands out there that sell vacuum lifters. If you are looking for something more complete and need a tool that can be used in more applications than the Vacuum lifter is what you need. A perfect option for that is the Nemo GRABO.

For vacuum handles, you have many options you can choose from. Make sure to take your time researching to find the bestseller.


Suction cup lifting handles come in various shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. It is important to patronize a reliable and trusted manufacturer that will put you through all you need to know about making the right choice and also how to operate and maintain your suction cup lifting handle, only the proper manufacturer will guarantee that you get good value for your money, and also ensure that you are getting the right suction cup lifting handle that meets your precise needs.