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The GRABO can Replace the MRT6

The Woods Pow’r Grip Rotator/Tilter is a multiple pad vacuum lift system designed for use in manufacturing and construction practices. The unit is primarily used by glass workers, commercial building contractors using metal panels, and manufacturing plants.

The unit features six 11” suction cups, mounted on individual arms. The maximum load of each suction pad is 175 pounds of flat material, for a total of 1100 pounds of horizontal lift. 

The MRT6 has a dual vacuum system for added safety. The computerized unit runs a full self-check before attachment can occur and will refuse to engage if any low energy points are detected. Additionally, a visible low vacuum light and an audible low vacuum buzzer will alert users to potential problems.

Configurations and Options

The MRT 6 features moveable pads and extendable arms for a variety of lifting configurations. This allows the arms of the machine to be stretched so the pads are evenly spaced and bearing even weight.


 Not only is the unit capable of multiple positioning of the suction pads, but the entire device tilts on the lifting bar from 0° to 90°, stopping every 5 degrees for maximum versatility.



The Woods Pow’r Grip MRT6 requires several steps. Position the machine over the material you want to lift, making sure all four pads completely engage with the material being lifted.

 Once all the pads are centered over the material, you lower the device into place until the pads touch the surface. Once you press the power button, the device will go through a series of self-checks before the vacuum pump engages. Then you will press attach and a green light will appear, letting you know that suction is taking place. When both lights are green, you are ready to activate the vacuum.

 To detach the MRT4 from the material, there is a two-step process that stops the flow to the dual vacuum system and releases the pressure. Of course, there is also an emergency quick release..


All of these features do come with a hefty price tag though. Purchasers should expect to spend between $9,000 and $20,000 depending on which additional options you include. The device is only available through specialized retailers. You will need to place your special order and wait for delivery.

A More Affordable Lifter

A vacuum suction lift that is more user friendly and affordable is the GRABO Nemo handheld vacuum suction lifter. This little tool can do the same jobs the big machines can, just on a smaller scale.

The GRABO is made by Nemo Powertools for contractors, craftsmen, and professionals.

The body of the device is made from a high-end, durable plastic composite called PA6. This high tensile nylon polymer is specially designed and approved for power tools.

The GRABO handheld lifting device weighs just 3.3 pounds, with the battery in place, and has an ergonomic molded handle to fit comfortably in the hand. The small size of the tool makes it easy to clip onto a belt hook for carrying to the site.

The vacuum provides 11.6 psi of suction for even the toughest lifting jobs. Interchangeable suction pads safely adhere to glass, ceramic, tile, and natural stone. The uneven, rough surface of stone makes it almost impossible for most vacuum lifters, but the GRABO was designed for multiple types of surfaces. Not only does it form a tight seal on the material, but the vacuum pressure remains in place for hours.

The GRABO operates on a rechargeable battery, making it ideal for going out into the natural surroundings and selecting the best stones for your job application. It also makes worksite application great. You don’t have to ask to plug into electricity or run a noisy generator all day.

 The 14.8V Lithium-Ion battery recharges in just two hours and holds a charge for 1.5 hours on non-stop running. The battery will last through 900 Off/On cycles. Another outstanding feature is the failsafe on the vacuum that allows it to hold its seal even if the battery goes dead in the middle of a job.

The GRABO has great lifting power and is rated to lift stones up to 375 pounds. Imagine how easy your job will become if you attach a couple of GRABO devices to that concrete slab and just pick it up and move it. There is no additional type spent configuring the machine and balancing the load.

If you need to use a crane or a lift, it’s no problem with the GRABO. Just attach the hook to the handle of the device, just as you would attach a claw arm to the cable. The GRABO’s push button, stay in place vacuum system means the device won’t let go, no matter how high you lift.

The secret to GRABO’s exceptional holding power is the self-enclosed vacuum suction motor and the specially designed, lipped suction pads. The extra lip creates a degree of flexibility that most rigid suction pads don’t have. It is this added flexibility that allows the pad to adhere to all types of surfaces without problems.

The GRABO sells at an unbelievable low cost, under $300 USD. How is that possible? The GRABO is 100% assembled in the same factory by an assembly line of skilled and trained workers. Each worker does only one job to insure the highest degree of quality. Each step of the process goes through multiple failsafe tests and safety checks. If a product part doesn’t do what it is supposed to, they won’t use it.

Nemo Powertools offers a one-year inclusive warranty and provides exchange or service in the case of a faulty product. The US facility is located in Las Vegas, Nevada for your convenience.

The GRABO is a professional contractor’s tool and only sold through authorized flooring and building supplies retailers across the world. Be sure to ask your retailer if they have the GRABO in stock. For more information, visit www.grabo.com.